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Munich Venture Partners (MVP), a leading European venture capital firm, is steering the helm of the eco-industrial revolution by channeling investments into pioneering technology companies. With a clear mission of “Driving the eco-industrial revolution,” MVP has positioned itself as an influential supporter of businesses that lead in decarbonization and digitalization efforts—two pivotal forces shaping a new eco-industrial era.

Investment Strategy: Tackling Emission-Intensive Industries

At its core, MVP’s investment strategy is meticulously crafted around four key sectors: Industrial Tech, Energy Transition, Mobility & Logistics, and Agriculture & Foodtech. The firm diligently seeks out tech-preneurs who are actively transforming value chains in emission-intensive industries. Their aim isn’t just to fuel ambitious growth but to foster solutions that respond directly to today’s pressing environmental challenges.

Industrial Tech: Championing Digitalization and Connectivity

In the realm of Industrial Tech, Munich Venture Partners recognizes the transformative influence of digitalization and connectivity—especially through the lens of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). MVP invests in technologies poised to boost manufacturing efficiency, reduce energy consumption and resource use, and elevate product quality with innovations like smart factories and augmented reality systems.

Energy Transition: Innovating for Renewable Power

The Energy Transition sector captures MVP’s commitment to cutting greenhouse gas emissions within the energy industry. The firm backs ventures at the forefront of ultra-low-cost renewable power production, grid intelligence systems, virtual power plants, storage solutions, and decentralized energy systems—all crucial elements for a sustainable energy future.

Mobility & Logistics: Driving Change Through Electrification

Understanding Mobility & Logistics’ significant carbon footprint means acknowledging its potential for change. Munich Venture Partners fuels companies that drive this transformation through electrification, alternative fuels, autonomous vehicles technology, shared mobility services, and AI-driven logistics advancements.

Agriculture & Foodtech: Fostering Sustainable Food Ecosystems

Investments in Agriculture & Foodtech are about re-envisioning food production, processing, and distribution towards sustainability. Here MVP supports digital farming tools developments such as drones for agriculture management, urban farming techniques as well as digital marketplaces facilitating more efficient food distribution networks.

MVP doesn’t just focus on economic wealth creation; they also promote Triple Top Line Growth which encompasses environmental prosperity alongside social equity—a testament to their belief in harmonizing economic growth with sustainability principles. Indeed their active contribution towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals further exemplifies this philosophy.

As per their website data, MVP boasts €196 million assets under management with 24 companies funded since 2004. Their investments have not only led to creating over 2,100 jobs but also built a network of over 90 co-investment partners. The team members themselves practice what they preach—many opting for environmentally friendly commuting options like biking to work.

Testimonials from portfolio company founders echo this sentiment—praising Munich Venture Partners for their invaluable strategic networking support which has often culminated in successful exits or acquisitions.

The diverse team at MVP includes professionals with backgrounds spanning engineering, IT economics—and even founder experience—which is leveraged in their partnership approach with portfolio companies. Key team members include Martin Kröner & Rolf Nagel (Partners), Walter Grassl (Partner), Beatrice Böhm (Associate) along with Michael Sailer (Partner & CFO), all united by a shared passion for innovation.

Their annual Sustainability Report reflects on commitments made towards fostering sustainable business practices within their investments while aiming for a greener future—an insightful read published by MVP each year showcasing their dedication towards impactful investing.

Operating out of Germany’s high-tech hub city Munich (Rumfordstr. 34 on the second floor), Munich Venture Partners can be reached via contact details provided on their website which also contains pertinent legal information such as imprint details and data protection policies—a detail underscoring their transparency as an investment partner committed to driving forward clean technology innovations across Europe and beyond.
Picture source: Roman Synkevych

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