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In the heart of Berlin, Germany, Heartbeat Labs GmbH has emerged as a transformative force in healthcare’s digital revolution. With their clear-cut mission “Your health. Our heartbeat,” this digital health platform is not just shaping the future of medical care but redefining it for the betterment of society.

Building a Healthier Future

At its core, Heartbeat Labs is dedicated to fostering innovation in the healthcare industry. By collaborating with skilled entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals, they co-found user-centric digital health companies that are poised to elevate patient care to new heights. Their comprehensive support system covers an impressive range from technological expertise and product development to regulatory advice and recruiting. It’s this all-encompassing approach that ensures each venture is well-equipped to thrive in today’s fast-paced market.

Investing in Digital Health Innovations

But Heartbeat Labs’ impact doesn’t end at company creation. The firm also plays a pivotal role as an investor, focusing on international digital health startups at the seed stage. Their portfolio reflects a diverse array of solutions targeting consumers, providers, and pharma entities—all united by the common goal of enhancing healthcare delivery through groundbreaking technologies.

These investments signify more than financial input; they represent Heartbeat Labs’ commitment to nurturing businesses that share their vision for a digitally empowered approach to healthcare.

Partnership as a Pillar of Progress

Understanding that collaboration breeds innovation, partnership stands as one of the fundamental pillars of Heartbeat Labs’ strategy. Working alongside established players in the field, they strive for transformation through strategic partnerships or joint ventures—case in point being their backing for Heal Capital, where they lend their expertise as both partners and investors.

This collaborative mindset extends beyond just business transactions; it’s about creating an ecosystem where medical knowledge converges with entrepreneurial spirit—a synergy that promises not only growth but sustainable advancement in healthcare practices.

The Visionaries Leading The Charge

Guiding this ambitious platform is Managing Director Peter Wibbe who took the reins in March 2021 after gaining valuable experience at Goldman Sachs and IONIQ Group. Alongside him is Founder & Chairman Jan Beckers who brings his entrepreneurial acumen from successes across various fields like adtech and financial services into steering Heartbeat Labs towards its strategic goals.

Their leadership reflects the company principles: advocating positive change within healthcare; merging data-driven decision-making with intuitive insights; fostering responsibility towards stakeholders; and driving performance through bravery and resilience.

A Glimpse Into Portfolio Ventures

The practical impact of Heartbeat Labs can be seen through its ventures such as Betriebsarztservice which addresses occupational health needs,—a telemedicine platform enhancing access to doctors remotely—and Kinderheldin which offers invaluable support for expecting mothers and new parents via online consultations.

These examples are just a snapshot of how Heartbeat Labs leverages technology to not only simplify but also personalize patient care—bringing efficiency and empathy together in each innovative solution.


Picture source: Drew Hays

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