Does Rewired Ventures Fuel Gaming Startups? An In-Depth Look


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Introduction to Rewired Ventures

Rewired Ventures, a venture studio with a keen focus on technology and esports, has established itself as a significant player in the investment landscape. This venture studio is not just any ordinary investor; it’s a robotics-focused powerhouse that is channeling its resources into backing the next generation of technology and esports ventures. With an impressive track record of investing in the component technologies of the artificial intelligence revolution, Rewired also stands out as one of Europe’s largest investors in the burgeoning global esports megatrend.

Rewired’s Esports Investment Prowess

The future of investment seems to be intricately linked with the world of esports. With a thriving community of 435.9 million fans and revenues that soared to $1084.1 million in 2021, esports has captured the attention of investors worldwide. However, Rewired Ventures takes a broader view, extending its interest beyond gaming to include VR games, data analytics, and crucially, esports teams.

In 2019, Rewired made headlines by making Europe’s largest ever esports team investment—injecting €34 million into Team Vitality. This strategic move not only supported Team Vitality’s expansion but also signaled Rewired’s intent to diversify its portfolio further within this sector.

Investment Focus and Portfolio Companies

Rewired doesn’t limit itself to esports alone; their investments span across six core verticals: Mapping & Localization, Machine Learning, Robotics, Sensor Technologies, Bionics, and naturally Esports. They work closely with companies developing novel sensor systems, new data modalities, innovative machine vision approaches, viable neural interfaces among other supporting technologies.

Some notable case studies from their diverse portfolio include Aromyx with their cutting-edge olfactory sensors; Seldon’s democratization of machine learning deployment; Raptor Maps’ AI-driven drone data insights for industries like solar farms; Open Bionics’ affordable prosthetic solutions; and Elementary Robotics’ mission to create assistive robots for everyday tasks.

Geographical Focus and Office Locations

Rewired operates on a global scale but maintains strong roots in Europe where it has positioned itself as a major contributor to the region’s AI hub through partnerships like those with City AM for thought leadership in deep tech business communities. The venture studio is backed by Cascade Global—a multi-family office investing in ambitious entrepreneurs—and is headquartered at Rue de la Porcelaine 13 in Nyon, Switzerland.

Growth Stage Investing Criteria

When it comes to growth-stage investing ranging from $5 million to $100 million,Rewired focuses on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotics companies that demonstrate potential for exponential impact. Their philosophy revolves around identifying talent and nurturing it with both intellectual and financial capital aimed at enhancing company growth while maximizing equity value.

The Roadmap for Exponential Growth: The Six Ds

Rewired seeks ventures that follow what they term ‘The Six Ds’, inspired by Singularity University—a chain reaction of technological progression leading to rapid development and significant opportunity. This framework guides their investment strategy as they back ventures poised for exponential growth driven by these rapid technological advancements.

Conclusion: A Partner for Ambitious Entrepreneurs

In conclusion, Rewired Ventures stands out as an influential force within both technology innovation spheres and the explosive world of esports investments. By supporting companies across various stages of growth—from startups like Open Bionics to established entities like Team Vitality—Rewired demonstrates a commitment not just to financial success but also towards fostering advancements that could shape our future economy and society at large.

Picture source: Florian Olivo

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