Genesis Ventures & GreenTech: Does It Invest in Eco-Friendly Startups?


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Genesis Ventures’ Commitment to Greentech Startups

Genesis Ventures has established itself as a proactive investor in the realm of greentech startups. With a clear vision to invest in entrepreneur teams possessing global ambitions and innovative technology-enabled business models, Genesis Ventures is a key player in supporting sustainable growth and environmental stewardship.

Past Investments and Portfolio Companies

The firm’s investment portfolio showcases a strong inclination towards clean technology and renewable energy solutions. Notably, through its funds such as Cleantech and Green H2, Genesis Ventures has made significant strides in Non-Conventional Renewable Energies (NCRE) and green hydrogen initiatives.

Geographical Focus of Genesis Ventures

With local teams based in Latin America, Europe, and the USA, Genesis Ventures leverages an extensive network to support its portfolio companies. This geographical diversity not only allows for a broad market reach but also provides entrepreneurs with valuable insights into international expansion strategies.

Investment Focus Areas

The firm operates multiple funds with distinct focuses including early-stage ventures (Genesis Ventures I), industries like FinTech and HealthTech (Genesis Ventures II), as well as energy-specific investments targeting renewable energies (Cleantech) and green hydrogen projects (Green H2).

Office Locations for Strategic Support

To facilitate hands-on support for their investments, Genesis Ventures maintains offices strategically located in Santiago, Miami, and London. These hubs enable the firm to provide operational support, talent sourcing, business partnerships, and access to local networks essential for scaling businesses globally.


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