List of the 400 largest AI Venture Capital Investors [2023]

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This list includes over 400 venture capital investors from our global venture capital investor list that mention artificial intelligence related keywords on their website. Many of the included venture capital funds are focused on investments in research and development, software technology, data science, and applications.

The list includes email addresses, investment focus, country information and keyword-related metrics. The list was created on November 2nd, 2022 and last updated on January 11th, 2023.

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The list is based on our list of the world’s largest venture capital investors with more than 2,500 startup investors. 


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List of 3 important Artificial Intelligence (AI) venture capital investors

In 2021 the global artificial intelligence (AI) market size was estimated at $93,5B. The AI sector has an incredible growth rate and new startups are emerging constantly. This article describes three investment funds from our global VC list that are interested in AI.

1. Bee Partners (USA)

Bee Partners is a San Francisco-based venture capital fund interested in pre-seed startups in the technology sector. Synthesis AI is part of their portfolio. The company has developed data technology in order to build more capable AI and, therefore, define the new computer vision.

2. Iron Wolf Capital (Lithuania)

Iron Wolf Capital is a seed stage investment company that supports startups creating disruptive technology. The company invests up to €2M in sectors like AI, IoT, SaaS, deeptech, fintech, and marketplaces. They have invested in EyeVi Technologies, who offer an AI-powered platform that provides an on-demand mapping technology fo geospatial data production.

3. I3 Equity Partners (Israel)

I3 Equity Partners aims to support startups through the seed stage into the growth stage by investing, offering technology expertise, and knowledge about international markets. A portfolio company they are funding is Deep AI, who accelerate neural networks to enable a faster and cheaper development for AI vendors.

Will 2023 be the year of artificial intelligence?

After the artificial intelligence-based chatbot ChatGDP gained a lot of attention at the end of 2022, the topic of AI is playing an even bigger role in the public discussion than before. For many observers, the question is whether artificial intelligence will achieve a “breakthrough” in 2023. Many researchers, startups and investors in the field have a different take on things. For them, it has been clear for many years that AI will find its way into most areas of life and the economy. For them, ChatGDP is not a game changer, but just a step in the direction that was already clear. In some areas, artificial intelligence and robotics are already firmly integrated. Now it’s a matter of expanding the fields of application and making more and more data available to the systems for learning. The industry is definitely facing exciting times.

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Included information in our AI investor list

Our keyword analysis-based list includes the following general columns:

  • Name of the VC fund
  • Country of origin
  • URL
  • E-mail (general)
  • Investment focus (if data available)
  • Corporate VC (yes/no)

The following columns are based on the keyword crawler, which is a Python-based, in-house developed tool that crawls every page for at least 45 seconds to find the respective keywords.

  • total_frequency (e.g.: 44) – total counted occurrences of keywords on the VC website
  • average_keyword_rate (e.g. 0.04) – average rate of keyword occurrences per subpage in relation with total number of words
  • most_common_keyword (e.g. „data science“) – keyword that was counted the most often on respective VC website
  • most_common_keyword_frequency (e.g. 42) – number of times the most common keyword was counted
  • sub_url_highest_rate (e.g. – sub url with the highest number of found keywords
  • highest_rate (e.g. 0.04) – highest keyword rate per subpage
  • frequency_per_keyword: {‘artifical intelligence’: 0, ‘data science’: 22, ‘neural networks’: 22} – dictionary of number of keyword occurrences per keyword

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Results of our keyword analysis

In the next paragraph, we are focusing on insights derived from our keyword research, which was based on our list of the 2,500 largest VC investors worldwide.

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Percentage of VC funds that invest in the artificial intelligence sector

Our keyword crawler analyzed more than 2,500 venture capital funds regarding AI investment keywords. We found out that 19.8 % of the global VC funds mention artificial intelligence technology.

ai VC startup
countries of AI investors

Focus on data science

This bar chart shows the most important keywords from our keyword search, however most companies use the keyword data science to describe their vc company focus. Additionally, the term neural network is used, whereas artificial intelligence is not used as frequently.

Countries of AI startup investors

The most common country artificial intelligence startup investors are located in is the USA. For instance, the previously presented investor Sozo Ventures is located in Redwood City, California. Also, a lot of VCs are located in Germany, the UK, Israel, and France. As a result, these countries are home to many successful startups and are popular destinations for investors looking to invest in the AI sector.

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