List of the 1,000 largest AI Venture Capital Investors [Update 2024]

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This list includes over 1148 AI-focused venture capital investors from our global venture capital investor list that mention artificial intelligence-related keywords on their website. Many of the included venture capital funds are focused on investments in research and development, software technology, data science, and applications.

The list includes email addresses, investment focus, country information and keyword-related metrics. The list was last updated on May 8th, 2024.

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List of 5 large AI venture capital investors

In 2021 the global artificial intelligence (AI) market size was estimated at $93,5B. The AI sector has an incredible growth rate and new startups are emerging constantly. This article describes five especially active AI-focused venture capital investors.


SOSV is a global venture capital firm located in Princeton New Jersey, that operates early-stage startup development programs such as HAX, IndieBio and Orbit Startups. SOSV had more than $1.5 billion of assets under management as of January 2023. SOSV invests in companies from the AI sector. An example of a company SOSV is funding is AiSight, who use machine data to predict and prevent machine malfunction by dynamically regulating machine parameters using self-learning AI algorithms.

Update 2024: In September 2023, Green Li-ion, which is part of HAX, a startup development program of an investment firm, received funding from Twin Towers Ventures. Twin Towers Ventures is the VC arm of Petronas, a Malaysian oil company. The funding will be used to expand Green Li-ion’s factory in Oklahoma.

2. HV Capital (Germany)

HV Capital is a Munich and Berlin-based venture capital firm that supports founders in developing their internet companies. The company currently has €2.8 billion under management and has invested in about 225 companies. The firm’s long-term partnership with the companies and sustained growth led to some of the most successful businesses in the German market. HV Capital is the leading all-stage investor in the German market and one of the leading investors in Europe. The firm invests in AI-focused companies. An example company is Verbit, an AI company based in Israel, that focuses on building cutting-edge voice-to-text transcription technology.

3. Parkwalk Advisors (United Kingdom)

Parkwalk is an investment management firm based in London that is a leading investor in hard science companies, commercialising scientific discoveries made at the UK’s globally-ranked research universities. Parkwalk currently has over £450 million of assets under management and has invested in over 160 companies across the United Kingdom. The firm invests in companies in sectors of strategic importance to UK Plc, such as AI. An example company Parkwalk invests in is Diffblue. Diffblue aims to help software teams and organizations improve their code coverage and quality using AI for code to write unit tests.

4. Seventure Partners (France)

Seventure Partners is a venture capital firm located in Paris, with offices in Munich, London, Geneva, and Basel. The firm aims to turn innovation into entrepreneurial ventures through financial backing. Seventure Partners has €950 million net commissions under management as of the end of 2020 and funds innovative companies within the two fields of Digital technologies and Life sciences. An example company Seventure Partners is funding is Sentryc, a Berlin-based company that develops an AI-based brand production and anti-counterfeiting software for brand and quality manufactures of physical products and components.

5. Speedinvest (Austria)

Speedinvest is a Vienna-based venture capital fund investing in pre-seed, seed, and early-stage tech startups. The firm aims to empower companies throughout their journey with actionable and aligned support. Speedinvest invests in six sectors, which are Deep Tech, Fintech, Health, Industrial Tech, Marketplaces and consumer, and SaaS and infra, including AI-focused companies. An example company Speedinvest’s funding is CoachHub. CoachHub offers a digital business coaching platform and a coaching app with an AI-supported coach-matching.

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Included information in our list

Our keyword analysis-based list includes the following general columns:

  • Name of the VC fund
  • Country of origin
  • URL
  • E-mail (general)
  • Investment focus (if data available)
  • Corporate VC (yes/no)

The following columns are based on the keyword crawler, which is a Python-based, in-house developed tool that crawls every page for at least 45 seconds to find the respective keywords.

  • total_frequency (e.g.: 44) – total counted occurrences of keywords on the VC website
  • average_keyword_rate (e.g. 0.04) – average rate of keyword occurrences per subpage in relation with total number of words
  • most_common_keyword (e.g. „data science“) – keyword that was counted the most often on respective VC website
  • most_common_keyword_frequency (e.g. 42) – number of times the most common keyword was counted
  • sub_url_highest_rate (e.g. – sub url with the highest number of found keywords
  • highest_rate (e.g. 0.04) – highest keyword rate per subpage
  • frequency_per_keyword: {‘artifical intelligence’: 0, ‘data science’: 22, ‘neural networks’: 22} – dictionary of number of keyword occurrences per keyword

Picture Source: Desola Lanre-Olgun, Emile Perron

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