List of the 500 largest HealthTech Venture Capital Investors [2024]

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This list includes 500 HealthTech venture capital investors from our global venture capital investor list that mention healthcare related keywords on their website. Many of the included venture capital funds are focused on investments in research and development, healthcare, digital health, and health applications.

The list includes email addresses, investment focus, country information and keyword-related metrics. The list was last updated on May 8th, 2024.

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List of 5 large HealthTech venture capital investors

Healthtech startups have played an increasingly important role in the healthcare industry for several years. On the one hand, this is due to the possibility of increasing efficiencies and saving costs through digital services. On the other hand, health tech startups also offer entirely new services that are only possible through artificial intelligence and other data-driven methods. Venture capital investors interested in digital health startups partly come from the biotech environment and have a classical software background. The healthcare sector consists of businesses that offer medical services, equipment, and treatment. The health tech sector is striving towards facilitating the provision of healthcare to patients around the world and improving current standards and situations. This article describes five healthcare venture capital investors who aim to support the healthcare and digital health industry by investing in innovative startups.

1. Partech (France)

Partech is a VC company headquartered in Paris that manages around $2.5Bn assets and has invested in over 240 portfolio companies. One of them, for example, is BioBeats. BioBeats leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve mental health and well-being. Their platform utilizes wearable devices and advanced algorithms to monitor physiological parameters, such as heart rate variability and sleep patterns.

Update 2024: In December 2023, Partech launched its successor €360M venture fund to support mission-critical software, data, and fintech specialists in Europe. Additionally, they announced their first investment in Smartpricing.

2. ARCH Ventures (USA)

ARCH Ventures has backed companies with funds ranging from $50k to $1M for 30 years. They focus on various sectors. Portfolio companies in the healthtech sector include GRAIL, a company focused on early cancer detection through innovative blood-based tests, and Sana Biotechnology, which develops and delivers advanced genetic medicines to improve the lives of patients with severe diseases.

3. EQT Ventures (Switzerland)

EQT Ventures is a venture capital firm aiming to invest €1 to €75M in start-ups and scale-ups across Europe and the United States. The fund EQT Ventures III started in November 2022, with commitments of €1.1Bn. An exciting portfolio company is Ada Health, an AI-powered health companion that provides users personalized medical insights and guidance. Another portfolio company in the health tech sector is Huma, a digital health company that leverages real-world data and advanced analytics to help patients and healthcare providers. Huma’s platform enables remote patient monitoring, personalized care management, and early intervention through continuous data collection and analysis.

4. Lakestar (Switzerland)

Since their foundation 10 years ago, the company has invested in over 130 companies over 4 funds. The company employs 17,000 people across 100 countries. One of their healthtech portfolio companies is Kry, also known as Livi outside of its home market. It is a pioneering digital healthcare provider that offers on-demand access to healthcare professionals through video consultations.

5. Bionova Capital (Portugal)

Bionova Capital is a VC founded in 2015 with its headquarters in Lisbon. It is a healthcare-focused company that invests in early-stage startups across Europe. Specifically, it funds therapeutics, medtech, and digital health applications. Adapttech is part of its portfolio. This UK-based project developed a new prosthetics fitting solution for lower limbs using a 3D scanner.

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Included information in our list

Our keyword analysis-based list includes the following general columns:

  • Name of the VC fund
  • Country of origin
  • URL
  • E-mail (general)
  • Investment focus (if data available)
  • Corporate VC (yes/no)

The following columns are based on the keyword crawler, which is a Python-based, in-house developed tool that crawls every page for at least 45 seconds to find the respective keywords.

  • total_frequency (e.g.: 456) – total counted occurrences of keywords on the VC website
  • average_keyword_rate (e.g. 0.014) – average rate of keyword occurrences per subpage in relation with total number of words
  • most_common_keyword (e.g. „digital health“) – keyword that was counted the most often on respective VC website
  • most_common_keyword_frequency (e.g. 428) – number of times the most common keyword was counted
  • sub_url_highest_rate (e.g. – sub url with the highest number of found keywords
  • highest_rate (e.g. 0.05) – highest keyword rate per subpage
  • frequency_per_keyword: {‘digital health’: 216, ‘mobile health’: 1, ‘health apps’: 0, ‘digital healthcare’: 136} – dictionary of number of keyword occurrences per keyword

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Results of our keyword analysis

In the next paragraph, we are focusing on insights derived from our keyword research, which was based on our list of the 2,500 largest VC investors worldwide.

digital health VC

Percentage of VC funds that invest in start-ups in the healthcare sector

Our keyword crawler analyzed more than 2,500 venture capital funds regarding healthtech investment keywords. We found out that 19.9 % of the global VC funds mention digital health.

healthcare vc
countries of digital health VC

Focus on digital health

This bar chart shows the most important keywords from our keyword search, however most companies use the keyword digital health to describe their vc company focus. Additionally, the term digital healthcare is used, whereas mobile health and health apps are not used as frequently.

Countries of digital health startup investors

The most common country digital health startup investors are located in is the USA. For instance, the previously presented investor HealthX Ventures is located in Madison, Wiskonsin. Also, a lot of healthtech investors are located in Germany, the UK, Switzerland, and Israel. As a result, these countries are home to many successful digital health startups and are popular destinations for investors looking to invest in the healthtechsector.

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