List of the 200 largest Battery Venture Capital Investors [2023]



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This list includes over 200 venture capital investors from our global venture capital investor list that mention battery related keywords on their website. Many of the included venture capital funds are focused on investments in research and development, green technology, sustainable energy, and applications.

The list includes email addresses, investment focus, country information and keyword-related metrics. The list was created on November 2nd, 2022 and last updated on January 11th, 2023.

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The list is based on our list of the world’s largest venture capital investors with more than 2,500 startup investors. 


battery vc investor

List of 3 interesting battery venture capital investors

Due to the high demand for automotive applications the request for batteries and new innovative, rechargeable, and sustainable solutions has increased significantly. This article presents three VC investors from our global list that are looking to invest in the battery sector.

1. Phoenix Venture Partners (USA)

Phoenix Venture Partners is a VC fund with a multi-stage investment strategy for startups in the technology industry, especially regarding AI and the intersection of biology, advanced materials, hadware and advanced computation. They have, for example, invested in Imprint Energy. Imprint Energy has developed a printable and rechargeable battery technology called ZincPoly.

2. Parkwalk (UK)

Parkwalk is a VC company that has managed to raise over £400M and has invested the capital in over 150 companies. One of them is Helio, a project that develops light-emitting applications using perovskite materials and, therefore, are very power efficient.

3. Emerald Technology Ventures (Switzerland)

Emerald Technology Ventures was founded in 2000 and has since evolved to be a globally recognized VC firm that focuses on the intersection between industry and technology. They have over 70 portfolio companies and have closed around 18,000 deals since inception. An interesting portfolio company is Soliscore, who have invented thin and flexible lithium polymer batteries that can be used, for example, in the medical device market.

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Included information in our battery investor list

Our keyword analysis-based list includes the following general columns:

  • Name of the VC fund
  • Country of origin
  • URL
  • E-mail (general)
  • Investment focus (if data available)
  • Corporate VC (yes/no)

The following columns are based on the keyword crawler, which is a Python-based, in-house developed tool that crawls every page for at least 45 seconds to find the respective keywords.

  • total_frequency (e.g.: 694) – total counted occurrences of keywords on the VC website
  • average_keyword_rate (e.g. 0.006) – average rate of keyword occurrences per subpage in relation with total number of words
  • most_common_keyword (e.g. „batteries“) – keyword that was counted the most often on respective VC website
  • most_common_keyword_frequency (e.g. 445) – number of times the most common keyword was counted
  • sub_url_highest_rate (e.g. – sub url with the highest number of found keywords
  • highest_rate (e.g. 0.03) – highest keyword rate per subpage
  • frequency_per_keyword: {‘batteries’: 252, ‘battery technology’: 0, ‘lithium ion’: 84} – dictionary of number of keyword occurrences per keyword

Picture Source: Steve Johnson 

battery startup funding

Results of our keyword analysis

In the next paragraph, we are focusing on insights derived from our keyword research, which was based on our list of the 2,500 largest VC investors worldwide.

battery vc

Percentage of VC funds that invest in the battery sector

Our keyword crawler analyzed more than 2,500 venture capital funds regarding battery investment keywords. We found out that 8.5 % of the global VC funds mention batteries.

energy vc investor
countries with battery vc investors

Focus on batteries

This bar chart shows the most important keywords from our keyword search, however most companies use the keyword batteries to describe their vc company focus. The terms lithium ion and battery technology are used less frequently.

Countries of battery startup investors

The most common country battery startup investors are located in is the USA. For instance, the previously presented investor Phoenix Venture Partners is located in San Mateo, California. Also, a lot of battery investors are located in Germany, the UK, France, and Sweden. As a result, these countries are home to many successful startups and are popular destinations for investors looking to invest in the battery sector.


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