List of the 80 largest Pension Funds in Switzerland [Update 2024]


Icons ThousandinvestorsThis list includes the 80 largest pension funds from Switzerland. Available data points within the lists are email addresses, LinkedIn pages and AUM approximations (in €M). The list was created on February 15th, 2024. 

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This list is part of our list of the 400 largest pension funds in Europe.


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List of 3 large pension funds in Switzerland

This article introduces you to three important pension funds in Switzerland that were picked from our researched list targeting the largest pension schemes in Switzerland.

1. Asga Pensionskasse (St. Gallen)

Asga is a pension fund with over 150,000 members and about 16,000 member companies. The pension is organised co-operatively and is, therefore, highly transparent and allows immediate influence. The scheme has almost €25,000M assets under management and the asst management team also controls the real estate portfolio of the fund. Asga is also trying to introduce sustainability into their company and their daily routine.

2. Futura Vorsorgestiftung (Lupfig)

Futura is a Swiss pension fund that has €3,437M assets under management and over 23,000 members. The fund requests an interest of 1 %. Only 4,5 % of the members are retired. Since the pension scheme was founded in 1958, they have never fallen short in their payments. Futura focuses on accessible and easy processing, customizable solutions, and personal consultations.

3. GastroSocial (Aarau)

GastroSocial is a pension fund for the employees of 20,000 businesses in the catering and hotel industry. They have over 170,000 members and 280 employees. The fund was founded in 1948 under the name “Ausgleichskasse Wirte”. GastroSocial aims to keep expenses low and focuses on easy processing.

Columns included in our list

Through our list, you can get an overview of the 80 largest Swiss pension funds. In detail, the list offers the most important data points to get in touch with the most important pension plan providers:

  • Name
  • Country
  • URL
  • E-Mail (if available)
  • LinkedIn Page (if available)
  • Assets under Management in €M (approximation, if available)

Especially the LinkedIn pages of the pension funds helps to get in touch with the executives and investment managers of the included firms.

Picture source: Ruth Georgiev


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