List of the 200 largest Oncology Venture Capital Investors [2024]


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This list includes 203 oncology venture capital investors from our Biotech VC Investors list that mention the keyword oncology on their sites. Many of the included venture capital funds are focused on investments in diagnostics, therapeutics, and imaging in the oncology sector.

The list includes email addresses, investment focus, country information, corporate venture capital information, and investment focus. The list was last updated on January 8th, 2024.

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List of 3 large oncology venture capital investors

Oncology startups are working on drugs against cancer, being active in one of the most important research fields in the pharmaceutical industry. In the following, we highlight three interesting venture capital investors from our keyword crawler-based list covering oncology keywords on their websites.

1. Aglaia Oncology Funds (Netherlands)

As the name already implies, the Aglaia Oncology Funds are specialized in investments in cancer research and oncology drug development. These funds are named after Aglaia, the greek goddess of beauty and health. Three of the current active investments are Cristal Therapeutics, a company developing a copper free click chemistry reagent for the life science industry, InteRNA Technologies, which are developing a pipeline of proprietary RNA therapeutics targeting key processes in initiation and progression of human diseases, with a focus on cancer, and Modra Pharmaceuticals, that are developing oral taxane therapies with fewer severe side effects.

2. FACIT (Canada)

With an oncology-occurrence of 300, FACIT is a specialist when it comes to investing in companies that are developing cancer innovations. They mainly focus on companies from Ontario. Their investment focus includes therapeutics, imaging, diagnostic, and technology platforms. Examples of companies that FACIT invests in are Point Surgical Inc., which is developing a diagnostic that allows the detection and classification of cancerous tissue types and subtypes in under 10 seconds, Hyivy Health, which are working on remote patient monitoring, pelvic rehab system for gynecological and colorectal cancer patients and their clinicians, and Bridge7 Oncology. This company works on a solution that scales clinical expertise with the help of AI to automate and improve the delivery of cancer care.

3. Ascension Ventures (USA)

Ascension Ventures is a top strategic healthcare fund with a special interest in oncology. They manage capital worth more than $1 billion. Ascension Ventures invests in all stages in the healthcare information technology and services, and medical devices and diagnostics sectors. Cardionomic is one of the companies, Ascension Ventures is investing in. It treats reduced cardiac output – ADHF’s root cause – by neuromodulating the terminal branches of the cardiac plexus to benignly increase contractility.

Update 2024: Strive Health, a portfolio company, has recently closed a $166 million Series C financing round. The funding was led by NEA and included five new investors, among them strategic investor CVS Health Ventures. Joining them in the round were existing investors CapitalG (Alphabet), Echo Ventures, Town Hall Ventures, Ascension Ventures, and Redpoint.

Picture Source: Anvesh via unsplash (24.05.2023)

Picture Source: National Cancer Institute via unsplash (24.05.2023)


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