List of the 800 largest Venture Capital Investors from the US [2024]


Icons ThousandinvestorsThis list includes the 800 largest Venture Capital Investors from the United States. Available data points within the lists are email addresses, investment focus, country information, corporate venture capital information, and investment focus. The list was created on January 9th, 2024.

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The list is based on our database of the 2,400 largest Venture Capital Investors.


List of 3 large venture capital investors from the US

In the following, we are highlighting three major American Venture Capital Investors that are part of our list.

1. Takeda Ventures

Takeda Ventures is the corporate venture capital group of Takeda, a pharmaceutical company, founded in 2001. The investment firm focuses on high-caliber, therapeutic, platform-based companies all over the globe. As strategic investors, they support therapeutic innovation by providing access to the resources of a multinational pharmaceutical company. The firm collaborates with academic innovators, entrepreneurs, and venture investors to establish and cultivate a portfolio of companies in these critical areas.

2. Palo Santo

Palo Santo, a venture capital firm, aims to address the shortcomings of current mental healthcare standards through its investments. To address the target audience, the investment firm invests in a diverse ecosystem of businesses focused on psychedelics. Beckley Psytech is a notable investment of the firm. It is a pipeline developing business for first-, second-, and third-generation psychedelic compounds that will be licensed as pharmaceutical medicines.

3. Elysium Ventures

Elysium Venture Capital is a US-based investment firm that focuses on investing in next-generation technologies, particularly in the Metaverse, deep tech, and artificial intelligence sectors. The company’s goal is to become a leading fund in the fields of metaverse and deeptech for both start-ups and enterprises. Their investment strategy involves supporting startups and early-stage companies with the potential to become decacorns or unicorns.


Columns included in our list

Through our list, you can get an overview of the largest American Venture Capital Investors. In detail, the list offers the most important data points to get in touch with the most important pension plan providers:

  • Name of the VC fund
  • Country of origin
  • URL
  • E-mail (general)
  • Investment focus (if data available)
  • Corporate VC (yes/no)

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