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Detroit Venture Partners (DVP), since its establishment in 2010, has been a cornerstone in the resurgence of Detroit’s entrepreneurial energy. This venture capital firm, founded by Dan Gilbert—better known as the Founder and Chairman of Rocket Companies and owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers—has a clear mission: to fuel the innovative minds and pioneering ventures that contribute to Detroit’s rich legacy of ingenuity and business acumen.

The Strategic Partnership Model

What sets DVP apart is their unique strategic partnership model. By being part of the Rock Family of Companies, DVP offers its portfolio companies access to an expansive network comprising over 90 entities. This network isn’t just for show; it provides tangible support and collaboration opportunities that are invaluable for early-stage tech companies looking to scale quickly and efficiently.

The team at DVP is diverse, with each member bringing their own set of skills to the table. The vision cast by founding partner Dan Gilbert is one that envisions growth not just for individual startups but also for Detroit’s wider community. Alongside him stand key figures such as Jake Cohen, Jared Stasik, Gabe Karp, Kate Hernandez, Delane Parnell—all serving vital roles within the firm—and supported by dedicated professionals like Lindsey Kilbride (Investor), Haemi Kim (Director of Finance), Karissa Wallace (Senior Counsel), Ghadir Hammoud (Executive Assistant), and Cory Tincher (Investor).

Empowering Future Leaders Through Fellowship

DVP believes in nurturing talent directly through their annual Summer Fellowship program. Targeted at MBA and undergraduate students eager to dive into the world of venture capital and startup operations, this fellowship offers a real-world experience across various functions including marketing, business development, operations, engineering, product management, data analytics among others. Participants get to work hands-on within Detroit-based portfolio companies while also engaging in VC programming and speaker series.

A Portfolio Reflecting Diversity & Innovation

The DVP portfolio is nothing short of impressive. It includes trailblazers like StockX—a game-changing marketplace for sneakers—and 100 Thieves—an esports organization making waves globally. Other noteworthy investments include InvestNext which simplifies real estate investment management; Thingtesting which offers a platform for discovering new brands; and Livegistics which provides construction software aimed at improving logistics management.

For those interested in joining one of these dynamic companies or entrepreneurs keen on pitching their innovative ideas to DVP can find more details or reach out via contact information available on their company website.

Diversity & Inclusion at Its Core

In line with modern values and recognizing the power of diverse perspectives, DVP champions diversity and inclusion within its fellowship program and corporate practices. They encourage applications from individuals regardless of race, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation or national origin—understanding that such inclusivity only strengthens their mission.

Detroit Venture Partners operates primarily in Detroit but extends its influence throughout the United States with a non-corporate venture capital approach focused on early-stage tech startups without any specific industry focus mentioned.

In conclusion, as Detroit continues its historic evolution into a hub for technology-driven businesses, DVP remains committed to empowering founders who possess both creativity and determination—the kind that promises not just to evolve industries but move society forward as well. With an eye towards fostering technological entrepreneurship against the backdrop of Detroit’s storied past and bright future, Detroit Venture Partners stands out as more than just an investment firm—it’s a beacon of progress in America’s great comeback city.
Picture source: Markus Spiske

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