List of 3 buy-out private equity funds from France [2023]

List of 3 buy-out private equity funds from France [2023]

This document provides a succinct evaluation of the worldwide database of private equity investors. Our team utilized a keyword tracking tool to pinpoint those investors who were displaying terminology related to buy-outs on their websites. As a result, we have compiled a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet that can accurately identify pertinent investors in the buy-out sphere.

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An acquisition in private equity involves acquiring the majority or all shares of a company, resulting in the acquiring party gaining control of said company.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting buy-out-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based buy-out private equity investors list.

1. LBO France (Paris)

LBO France is a well-known private equity firm that has been active in France and Italy for over 35 years, with a primary focus on business transmission. The company has expanded its investment scope to include different illiquid investment areas while remaining committed to the key success factors at the core of its operations. Overall, LBO France has raised € 6.6 billion of capital since its inception, with a team of over 60 employees and 244 investments. The company is acknowledged for its responsible investment approach, which is supported by its commitment to ESG and climate concerns.

2. MBO+ (Paris)

MBO+ (previously referred to as MBO Partenaires and MBO & Co) is a private equity company located in Paris, France, that specializes in primary transactions within the French Small-Cap sector, with a focus on firms worth between €20 million and €100 million. The organization places a great deal of emphasis on transformational initiatives that rely on skilled management teams and robust, ambitious investment arguments. MBO+ boasts a history of fruitful investments and acquisitions, including securing exclusivity with the Atalian Servest group for the carve-out of their landscape management and maintenance services. This investment strategy strives to take advantage of market opportunities, regular activity recurrence, and considerable fragmentation to stimulate growth and procure success.

3. ABlackFin Capital Partners (Paris)

ABlackFin Capital Partners, located in Paris, is a distinguished private equity company specializing in the financial services industry throughout continental Europe. Over time, BlackFin has launched multiple funds, comprising two buyout funds namely Fund I and Fund II. Fund I was initially launched in 2011, amounting to €220 million, with Fund II following in 2016, valued at €400 million. Their investment strategy is adaptable, seeking out firms with potential for growth through organic and buy-and-build methods. Their primary focus is on asset-light services throughout continental Europe, with selective consideration of balance sheet-intensive opportunities.

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