List of 3 carve-out private equity funds from the Netherlands [2023]

List of 3 carve-out private equity funds from Spain [2023]

This document presents a concise assessment of the global private equity investor database. Our team used a keyword tracking tool to identify investors who used carve-out-related terminology on their websites. Consequently, we have created a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet that can accurately identify relevant investors in the carve-out sector.

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Carve-out investments generally offer lower entry multiples for private equity firms compared to other buyouts, leading to higher returns on exit. In this article, we are introducing three interesting carve-out-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based carve-out-private equity investors list.

1. Value Enhancement Partners (Amsterdam)

Value Enhancement Partners (VEP) is a private equity firm based in Amsterdam. VE Partners differentiates itself through a well-balanced combination of entrepreneurial spirit, capital, and practical business consultancy. This makes it an important asset, particularly for medium-sized industrial companies facing dynamic markets or significant strategic challenges. VEP has experience in carve-out processes, as demonstrated by its role in transforming Eqin from a Stork company to a stand-alone entity. They provide strategic and financial support to achieve growth objectives.

2. Capital-A (Amsterdam)

Capital A, a private equity firm based in Amsterdam, invests in companies located in the Netherlands and Belgium with a focus on autonomous or acquisitive growth. Capital A is an independent investment firm that originated in 1982 within ABN AMRO. The firm focuses on mid-market growth companies. The investment portfolio currently comprises more than 30 growth-oriented businesses. The investment company does not have a specific focus on any particular business sector. Instead, their main criteria for investment are growth and entrepreneurship.

3. Nordian Capital Partners (Amsterdam)

Nordian Capital Partners is a Netherlands-based firm that was established in 2014 as a spin-off from Rabo Capital. The company specializes in various investment strategies, including buyouts, management buyouts, management buy-ins, and carve-out investments. Nordian Capital Partners does not have a specific industry focus, but it shows a preference for sectors such as food, healthcare, industrial, and services. The company has overseen two private equity funds that concentrate on buyout and carveout tactics, with a primary focus on the European region. As of the latest available information, the firm had a team of 18 staff members.

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