List of 3 climate tech private equity funds from Sweden [2023]

List of 3 climate tech private equity funds from Sweden [2023]

This text presents an evaluation of a worldwide database of private equity investors. Our team used a keyword-tracking approach to identify investors whose websites feature climate tech-related terms. As a result, we created a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet to accurately identify relevant investors in the climate tech industry.

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Investments in the climate tech sector in private equity are gaining momentum due to increasing awareness of environmental issues and demand for sustainable solutions. In this article, we are introducing three interesting equity funds from our keyword crawler-based climate-tech-private equity investors list.

1. EQT Partners GmbH (Stockholm)

EQT Partners GmbH, based in Stockholm, has demonstrated significant interest and investment in the climate tech sector. They have established EQT Growth, a dedicated fund that supports growth-stage technology companies across Europe and Israel in various sub-sectors, including climate tech. The fund aims to back companies that are poised for enduring success and are supported by long-term macro trends. The EQT Growth fund targets investments ranging from €50 million to €200 million in companies that have already achieved product-market fit and are scaling up.

2. Kinnevik (Stockholm)

Kinnevik, headquartered in Stockholm, is actively investing in climate technology as part of its broader investment strategy. One of its notable investments in this sector is Solugen, an industrial green chemicals platform. Solugen aims to provide safer and more affordable chemicals without relying on fossil fuels. Kinnevik’s investment in this company marks its significant entry into the climate tech space. This investment is in line with Kinnevik’s wider commitment to sustainability and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Trill impact (Stockholm)

Trill Impact is a private equity firm that prioritizes investments with a positive social and environmental impact. The firm is based in Stockholm and focuses on mid-sized companies in Northern Europe. Trill Impact targets investments that contribute to sustainable development goals and promote environmental sustainability. Since 2022 the PE company has been invested in Tado°. a German green tech company that enables significant energy savings and CO2 reductions for households by providing smart home climate management controls and dynamic clean energy tariffs.

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