A consumer goods private equity fund from Norway: Herkules Capital [2023]

A consumer goods private equity fund from Norway: Herkules Capital [2023]

This article presents the research findings for our global database of private equity investors. We used our database and keyword crawler to compile a list of private equity investors that reference terms related to consumer goods on their websites. The resulting Excel list is both extensive and comprehensive, making it a valuable resource for connecting with the most relevant investors in the consumer goods industry.

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The fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market in Norway is projected to expand by 1.26% between 2023 and 2028, attaining a market size of approximately €6.43 billion by 2028. In this article, we are introducing an interesting consumer-goods-focused private equity fund from our keyword crawler-based consumer goods private equity investors list.

Herkules is a prominent Private Equity company in Norway and has garnered funds amounting to nearly NOK 15 billion. Our investments target companies situated in the Nordic region, particularly Norway, with a focus on securing majority stakes in thriving businesses with substantial growth prospects. More than 200 investment opportunities are assessed annually, with several being pinpointed by Herkules’ Industry Groups.

Consumer goods as an investment focus

Already in 2015, Herkules narrowed its focus to the fast-moving consumer goods sector by investing in Linas Matkasse from Sweden. Linas Matkasse has earned recognition as a European leader in the dinner With an annual turnover of over €80 million and distribution of more than 2 million meals each month. The company founded by Niklas Aronsson and his sister Lina Gebäck in 2008 has consistently generated increasing profits despite rapid expansion over the years.


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