List of 3 food private equity funds from the UK [2023]

List of 3 food private equity funds from the UK [2023]

This article presents our research findings for our global database of private equity investors. Our study involved utilizing our database and keyword crawler to identify private equity investors who refer to food-related terms on their websites. The compiled Excel list is extensive and comprehensive, providing a valuable resource for connecting with the most relevant investors in the industry.

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The British grocery market has encountered an increase in food inflation, which has stimulated the growth of sales. Despite the obstacles faced, there was a renewed interest in investment in the food industry in 2023.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting food-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based food private equity investors list.

1. Entrée Capital (London)

Entrée Capital is a private equity company located in London that manages €1.25 billion across multiple funds. The company has offices in Tel Aviv, London, and New York and operates in various sectors. As part of their portfolio, Entrée has completed multiple investments in FoodTech and AgTech, including the revolutionary bluewhite. This innovative business has created an autonomous farm platform, offering a user-friendly robots-as-a-service system.

2. Primary Capital Partners LLP (London)

Primary Capital Partners, a London-based private equity firm, invests up to €50 million in businesses that meet their requirements. The company predominantly invests in UK-based companies with the potential and vision to expand internationally. Regarding the food industry, PC Partners has concluded numerous acquisitions, including the investment in YO!Sushi is the UK’s premier conveyor-belt Japanese restaurant chain.

3. Duke Street LLP (London)

Duke Street, a private equity firm situated in the UK’s capital, has been investing in Western European mid-market companies for over 25 years. Investing primarily The investment business typically invests in firms with an enterprise value of €50 million to €350 million, with a concentration on four primary sectors: healthcare, services, industrial & engineering, and consumer. Speaking of the investments the company completed there are some noteworthy, such as the investment in Burton’s Food. The acquisition of the mentioned company was completed in 2007, as the company intended to grow into one of the UK’s leading biscuit manufacturers. Burton’s produced some of the most popular brands in the United Kingdom, including Maryland Cookies, Jammie Dodgers, and Cadbury biscuits. It also supplied big food merchants with own-label items.


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