Does Ada Ventures Fund Crypto Startups? Unveiling the Truth!


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Understanding Ada Ventures and Their Approach to Investing

Ada Ventures is a venture capital firm that stands out for its unique approach, which they have branded as “Inclusive Alpha®.” This philosophy intertwines a commitment to backing innovative ideas and founders with a dedication to inclusivity. The firm believes that diversity within founding teams not only coexists with but actively enhances the pursuit of market-beating ideas.

Investment Focus and Geographical Reach

Ada Ventures primarily invests in UK technology companies, focusing on pre-Series A stages, including pre-seed and seed rounds. They are known for their thesis-driven investments across three main sectors: climate equity, healthy ageing, and economic empowerment. Their first cheque typically ranges from £250k to £500K for pre-seed rounds or £1mn – £1.5mn for seed rounds, aiming for about 10% ownership stake.

Portfolio Highlights

The portfolio of Ada Ventures includes an array of bold ideas aimed at tackling some of the hardest problems we face today. Notable investments include ventures in diverse fields such as mining the vaginal microbiome to improve fertility, eCommerce fulfilment solutions enabling businesses to grow, mental health support platforms, AI-driven beauty tech enhancing buying experiences, and revolutionary approaches to weight loss.

Team Behind Ada Ventures

The team at Ada Ventures brings together individuals with varied backgrounds united by the belief that great founders can emerge from anywhere. Co-founder Check Warner’s journey from marketing into venture capital reflects her passion for customer-centric companies that build communities. Matt Penneycard’s decade-long experience in VC across the US and UK highlights his love for early-stage investing and mission-driven founders.

Community Engagement and Resources

Ada Ventures extends beyond investment; they foster a community powered by leaders representing diverse entrepreneurial spirits. They also run initiatives like AdaCon 2023—a conference that brings together stakeholders interested in inclusive investing—and offer resources such as reports on women in UK venture capital.

Open Investment Philosophy

True to their open investment ethos, Ada Ventures seeks out founders who are open to boundless possibilities of their ideas. They work transparently and fairly with potential investees without requiring ‘warm introductions.’ Their process is designed around supporting founders through clear communication channels and objective evaluation criteria.

Contacting Ada Ventures

For those looking to get in touch with Ada Ventures or submit a pitch, the firm maintains offices in London’s Notting Hill area as well as Berkeley Square in Bristol. They encourage direct contact through their website submission form or via email for fundraising discussions covering team dynamics, market potential, and product offerings.

For more information about Ada Ventures’ mission or how you can collaborate with them on your next breakthrough idea, visit their website.
Picture source: Zoltan Tasi

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