Does Invest in Oncology? A Comprehensive Analysis


This article is based on the research process for our list of the 150 largest investors for oncology startups.


In the world of venture capital, it is crucial to understand the investment strategy and focus areas of different funds. This blog post aims to investigate whether Daintree Ventures, a venture capital fund available at, invests in oncology. We will explore their portfolio companies and identify any investments in the oncology sector.

Daintree Ventures: An Overview

Daintree Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm that primarily focuses on investing in innovative companies within the healthcare industry. Their goal is to partner with entrepreneurs who are developing transformative technologies that can significantly improve patient care and outcomes.

Investment Focus

Upon reviewing their investment portfolio, it appears that Daintree Ventures does not specifically target oncology as a primary area of interest. Instead, they have a broader focus on healthcare innovation. Their investments span across various subsectors within healthcare, including digital health, medical devices, and diagnostics.

Portfolio Companies

Some notable examples of companies in Daintree Venture’s portfolio include:

  • Ablacon: A company developing an advanced mapping system for atrial fibrillation treatment.
  • BioTrace Medical: A company specializing in temporary pacing technology for heart procedures.
  • Cala Health: A bioelectronic medicine company focused on wearable neuromodulation therapies.

Oncology Investments: The Verdict

In conclusion, based on our investigation into Daintree Venture’s portfolio and investment strategy, it appears that while they are heavily invested in the healthcare sector, they do not specifically target oncology-related investments. However, given their focus on transformative healthcare technologies, it is plausible that they would consider oncology-related ventures if they align with their broader investment strategy.

Final Thoughts

While Daintree Ventures does not specifically invest in oncology, their commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative technologies is evident. They support a diverse range of companies, each working to improve patient care and outcomes in different ways. This broad approach allows them to contribute to various areas of the healthcare sector, potentially including oncology in the future.

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