List of 3 food private equity funds from Spain [2023]

List of 3 food private equity funds from Spain [2023]

In this article, we share the results of our research conducted on our worldwide private equity investor database. Our study involved the utilization of our extensive database and a keyword crawler to pinpoint private equity investors who make references to food-related terms on their websites. The resulting Excel list is both comprehensive and expansive, serving as a valuable tool for establishing connections with the most pertinent investors in the food industry.

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Spain has witnessed a surge in the demand for sustainable and organic food production, with numerous investors channeling their resources towards businesses engaged in eco-friendly packaging, organic farming, and other sustainable food production measures.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting food-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based food private equity investors list.

1. MCH Private Equity (Madrid)

MCH Private Equity, a prominent Spanish private equity firm, has invested significantly in the food industry. Their investments encompass a diverse range of segments from canned fish and natural food technology to frozen seafood, frozen dough, and the coconut water sector. Specializing in the canned fish/seafood industry, Garavilla received an investment from MCH Private Equity Fund III in July 2010. It has established itself as a leader in the Spanish and Latin American markets for canned fish and associated food items.

2. Talde Gestión S.G.E.I.C. (Bilbao)

The private equity firm Talde Gestión boasts over 45 years of experience, investing in over 150 companies nationally and internationally. Their main focus is on investment in Spanish SMEs, enabling their growth primarily through internationalization and consolidation strategies. Regarding their investments in the food sector, a significant example is the investment in Ñaming, a leading player in the sandwich and food-to-go market This 2014 investment enabled the organization to construct cutting-edge production facilities with a maximum daily output of 200.000 sandwiches, positioning it at the forefront of the market.

3. Portobello Capital (Madrid)

Portobello Capital, a leading private equity company, manages assets worth €2.1 billion at present. The company has been investing extensively in the food industry. The company recently acquired Ramón Sabater, a spice processing firm based in Murcia, Spain, with additional offices in Miami, USA, and Qingdao, China. The acquisition was made to ensure financial liquidity for Ramón Sabater’s expansion plans.


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