Does Global Cleantech Capital Fund Clean Tech Startups? An Investigation


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Global Cleantech Capital: Investing in Clean Technologies Startups

About Global Cleantech Capital

Global Cleantech Capital (GCC) is a growth-stage venture capital firm based in the Netherlands. The firm focuses on scaling exceptional companies into new market leaders within the clean energy, mobility, smart cities, and fintech sectors. GCC’s founding partners have managed four successive funds over the past 20 years in the clean energy sector.

Investment Focus of GCC

GCC invests in entrepreneurs and teams building companies that integrate technology to accelerate the green shift. Their portfolio companies apply new technologies in high emitting sectors of energy, mobility and cities, or use finance as an incentive for the energy transition. As such, it can be confirmed that Global Cleantech Capital does indeed invest in clean technology startups.

Portfolio Companies of GCC

GCC has invested in several companies that are making significant strides towards a cleaner future. Some of their current portfolio companies include Nacero which produces sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), Sustain.Life and Klimato which both provide sustainability software solutions, Crowdz which is an SME finance marketplace integrating ESG risk scoring, Verde Clean Fuels producing renewable gasoline from waste feedstocks, Battolyser Systems offering integrated battery electrolyser systems for clean energy storage and Railsr providing an open banking platform enabling companies to embed financial services.

Recent Investments by GCC

In recent news from GCC, Railsr, a UK-based embedded finance company, raised $24m in funding. Battolyser Systems, a Netherlands-based climate-tech scaleup, secured €40M from the European Investment Bank. These recent investments further demonstrate GCC’s commitment to investing in clean technology startups.


In conclusion, Global Cleantech Capital is actively driving the climate transition by investing in clean technology startups. With their focus on high-growth companies applying new technologies in high emitting sectors or using finance as an incentive for energy transition, they are playing a significant role in shaping a sustainable future.

Picture source: Héctor Martínez

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