Does Climb Ventures SA Fuel Oncology Startups? An In-depth Analysis


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Introduction to Climb Ventures SA

Climb Ventures SA is a venture capital firm focused on growth and late-stage projects in Digital Services, Consumer Internet, and Emerging Technologies. With a keen interest in Swiss / European global digital transformation projects, they are always on the lookout for founders with global ambitions. Their geographical focus is primarily Switzerland and Europe, but they also selectively invest in other markets. You can learn more about them here.

Portfolio Companies of Climb Ventures SA

The portfolio of Climb Ventures SA includes several innovative companies such as Kandou, Bitmovin, Neo4j,, FINN, and Enpal. These companies operate in various sectors including technology development (Kandou), video infrastructure (Bitmovin), database management (Neo4j), job search platforms (, car subscription services (FINN), and renewable energy solutions (Enpal).

Investment Focus of Climb Ventures SA

Climb Ventures SA has shown a clear preference for investing in digital services, consumer internet, and emerging technologies. The firm supports its portfolio companies by leveraging their strong network and deep technical knowledge to help these businesses achieve their ambitious goals.

Does Climb Ventures Invest in Oncology Startups?

Based on the available information about their investment focus and portfolio companies, it does not appear that Climb Ventures SA has invested in oncology startups so far. Their investments seem to be more inclined towards digital transformation projects rather than specific healthcare or life sciences sectors.

Office Locations of Climb Ventures SA

Climb Ventures SA operates from two locations – Campus Biotech at EPFL Innovation Park, Avenue de Sécheron 15 in Geneva, Switzerland and 4a, rue Henri M. Schnadt in Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


In conclusion, while Climb Ventures SA has a diverse portfolio of investments in various sectors, there is no evidence to suggest that they invest in oncology startups. Their focus appears to be more on digital services and emerging technologies. However, as a dynamic and forward-looking venture capital firm, their investment strategy may evolve over time to include other sectors such as healthcare or life sciences.

Picture source: National Cancer Institute

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