Yield Lab Europe’s Role in AgTech Startups: An In-depth Analysis


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Yield Lab Europe: A Leading Funder of Agri Food-Tech Startups

As the leading funder of early-stage companies in the agri food-tech sector, Yield Lab Europe is at the forefront of investing in innovative solutions that aim to sustainably feed the world. With a strong focus on startups that revolutionise agriculture and food systems, Yield Lab Europe provides not only capital but also access to a global network of experts, corporates, and investors to help these companies scale and commercialise internationally.

A Robust Portfolio Spanning Multiple Sectors

Yield Lab Europe boasts an impressive portfolio of 22 innovative companies. These startups operate across various sectors within the agtech industry such as genetics, crop protection & animal welfare, big data & precision farming, bioenergy, biomaterials & other renewables, innovative food & beverages, and novel farming systems. Some notable portfolio companies include Bioceanor, Skytree, Insylo, Glaia and RootWave.

Investment Focus and Range

The venture capital firm provides funding ranging from €100k – €2m per company in the pre-seed to Series A range. This financial support is coupled with continuous mentorship and sector expertise provided by Yield Lab Europe’s team of experts.

Geographical Reach

The Yield Lab Europe has a mandate to invest in startups from across the European region. The firm’s headquarters are located at 5 Ely Place Upper, Dublin 2, Ireland.

A Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals

In addition to its investment activities, Yield Lab Europe is committed to supporting sustainable development goals (SDGs). The firm works closely with its portfolio companies to establish impact KPIs and targets that align with the United Nations SDGs. This focus on sustainability underscores Yield Lab Europe’s dedication to fostering a more sustainable and resilient agri food-tech industry.


In conclusion, Yield Lab Europe is indeed a significant investor in agtech startups. With a robust portfolio of innovative companies, substantial investment range, geographical reach across Europe, and commitment to sustainability, Yield Lab Europe continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the agri food-tech sector.

Picture source: Shridhar Gupta

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