Does Global Cleantech Capital Invest in Greentech Startups? – An In-depth Analysis


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Does Global Cleantech Capital Invest in Greentech Startups?

Introduction to Global Cleantech Capital

Global Cleantech Capital (GCC) is a growth-stage venture capital firm headquartered in the Netherlands. They are dedicated to scaling exceptional companies into new market leaders within the clean energy, mobility, smart cities, and fintech sectors.

The Investment Strategy of GCC

GCC is an active investor that backs entrepreneurs and teams who can ‘pivot to value’ when building market leaders in their sector. They primarily invest in Europe and the US, leveraging their deep commercial, finance and renewable networks to help scale portfolio companies.

Focus on High-Emitting Sectors

Their portfolio companies apply new technologies in the highest emitting sectors of energy, mobility and cities, or use finance as an incentive for the energy transition. This clearly shows GCC’s commitment towards driving the climate transition through strategic investments.

Investment in Greentech Startups

A look at GCC’s current portfolio reveals a strong inclination towards greentech startups. Companies like Nacero (sustainable aviation fuel), Sustain.Life (sustainability software), Verde Clean Fuels (renewable gasoline), Battolyser Systems (integrated battery electrolyser) are all part of GCC’s investment portfolio.

Achievements and Recent Investments

GCC has been involved in numerous successful funding rounds. For instance, Railsr, a UK-based embedded finance company in their portfolio, raised $24m in funding. Another portfolio company, Battolyser Systems based in the Netherlands, secured €40M from the European Investment Bank.


In conclusion, it is evident that Global Cleantech Capital does invest in greentech startups. They are committed to driving the climate transition by investing in companies that apply new technologies in high-emitting sectors and use finance as an incentive for energy transition.

Picture source: Milad Fakurian

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