Does Collateral Good Ventures Invest in Food Startups? A Deep Dive


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Collateral Good Ventures: A Deep Dive into Their Investment Strategy

Collateral Good Ventures is a climate-first and technology-focused venture capital platform that has been making waves in the sustainable investing space. Founded in 2021 by molecular and cell biologist Dr Regina Hecker, retail expert Mariana Gonzalez, and serial entrepreneur and investor Michael Kleindl, Collateral Good Ventures is committed to supporting innovative solutions for mitigating climate change.

Does Collateral Good Ventures Invest in Food Startups?

The answer is a resounding yes. The firm has a dedicated investment strategy known as Collateral Good Food Tech I, which focuses on backing passionate entrepreneurial teams using science or technology-based solutions to improve the future of food while reducing our current planetary footprint. This strategy shows that Collateral Good Ventures clearly sees value and potential in the food tech sector.

Past Investments in Food Startups

A look at their portfolio reveals several investments in food tech startups. For instance, they have invested in PulPac, a company with ground-breaking technology for low-cost, high-performance fibre packaging that replaces single-use plastics. Other investments include Done Properly and Sykell, both of which focus on bio-processed ingredients from fermentation technologies. Another noteworthy investment is Agrain, a startup with game-changing technology to upcycle brewer’s spent grains.

Geographical Focus of Investments

While Collateral Good Ventures operates with a European setup, it also invests globally with a bias towards Europe to take advantage of its regional networks and the active food-tech innovation climate.

In Conclusion…

In conclusion, it’s clear that Collateral Good Ventures sees the potential for innovation and growth in the food tech sector. By supporting startups that aim to improve the future of food, they are not only investing in a promising industry but also contributing to their mission of promoting a positive global impact on planetary, human, and animal health.

For more detailed information about Collateral Good Ventures and their investment strategies, visit their official website here.

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