Does Cultivation Capital Fund Software Startups? An Inside Look


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About Cultivation Capital

Cultivation Capital is a venture capital firm that actively invests in young companies with transformative ideas. The firm, founded in 2012, has a diverse portfolio of investments spanning across various industries and stages. Their focus areas include life sciences and health tech, software and IT, agriculture tech, and geospatial tech.

Cultivation Capital’s Investment in Software & IT Startups

One of the key sectors that Cultivation Capital invests in is software and IT. They support early-stage technology companies that have demonstrated measurable milestones, including product development, revenue generation, and traction. The investment amounts typically range from $500,000 to $3 million with opportunities for follow-on investments.

Investment Strategy

The firm’s investment strategy spans from Series Seed through to Series B rounds. This approach helps startups navigate the challenges associated with managing hyper-growth. Cultivation Capital’s check size ranges from $100k to $3.5M, demonstrating their commitment to supporting startups at various growth stages.

Geographical Focus

Cultivation Capital recognizes that promising startups are located all over the globe. They have invested in startups based in over 25 states or countries, making them a truly international venture capital firm.

A Track Record of Success

The firm boasts an impressive track record with more than 148 companies in their portfolio. Crunchbase News identified Cultivation Capital as one of the most active early-stage venture firms in North America and ranked them among the top five recently founded lead investors in the U.S.

Office Locations

Cultivation Capital operates out of multiple locations, including their main office in the Downtown Innovation District at T-REX in St. Louis, Missouri. They also have offices in Greenville, South Carolina; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Chicago, Illinois; and another location in St. Louis at the 39N Innovation District at the Helix Center.


In conclusion, Cultivation Capital is indeed a venture capital firm that invests in software startups. Their focus on early-stage technology companies that have achieved measurable milestones demonstrates their commitment to supporting and nurturing innovative ideas within this sector.

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