Exploring AWS Fondsmanagement’s Investment in Plant-Based Startups


We wrote this article while researching for our list of the 80 largest plant based food startup focused venture capital funds. The list can be downloaded with a few clicks and includes the most relevant investors for plant based food startups. We identified the included funds based on our sophisticated crawler technology and manual research.

Introduction to aws Fondsmanagement GmbH

aws Fondsmanagement GmbH, a subsidiary of the Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (aws), is an Austrian venture capital firm based in Vienna. It operates as a key player in the financial ecosystem for start-ups and growth companies, providing essential funding and support to innovative businesses during their founding and early growth stages. With a substantial fund volume of 68 million EUR under aws Gründungsfonds I and the announcement of aws Gründungsfonds II, which boasts over 70 MEUR+, aws Fondsmanagement GmbH has established itself as a significant force in fostering entrepreneurship.

Investment Focus of aws Fondsmanagement GmbH

The investment focus of aws Fondsmanagement GmbH is on early-stage companies with scalable technology and R&D roots in Austria that have global ambitions. This includes sectors such as digital technologies, green tech, life sciences, and plant-based food startups. By investing in these areas, aws aims to promote innovation and sustainable growth within the Austrian economy.

Recent Investments Highlight Sustainability Commitment

One notable investment by aws Gründerfonds is Arkeon GmbH, a sustainable food startup that aligns with the fund’s commitment to supporting environmentally conscious innovations. The investment in Arkeon underscores the fund’s recognition of the importance of sustainability within the food industry and its potential for future growth.

Portfolio Companies with Global Reach

The portfolio of aws Fondsmanagement GmbH includes a diverse range of companies such as Visplore GmbH, TMIA GmbH, Valutico GmbH, and many others that are making strides across various industries. These investments reflect the broad spectrum of interests that aws targets, aiming to propel forward-thinking enterprises onto international platforms.

Geographical Focus on Austrian Innovation

While focusing primarily on Austrian start-ups, aws Fondsmanagement GmbH provides these companies with resources to scale globally. The geographical focus ensures that local innovations receive the support they need while encouraging them to compete on an international level.

The Role of Plant-Based Food Startups in Investment Strategy

With growing consumer interest in sustainability and health-conscious eating habits, plant-based food startups represent an emerging sector ripe for investment opportunities. While specific details about multiple investments in this niche are not disclosed, the involvement with Arkeon signals an active interest from aws Fondsmanagement GmbH in plant-based food startups.

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