Exploring Embedded Capital GmbH’s Focus on Insurtech Startups


We wrote this article while researching for our list of the 900 largest insurtech startup focused venture capital funds. The list can be downloaded with a few clicks and includes the most relevant investors for insurtech startups. We identified the included funds based on our sophisticated crawler technology and manual research.

Introduction to Motive Partners

Motive Partners is a forward-thinking private equity firm that has made a significant impact on the financial technology landscape. With a unique combination of Investors, Operators, and Innovators, they have established themselves as specialists in building, backing, and buying companies that are revolutionizing the financial economy.

Motive’s Investment Approach

The firm operates with a clear focus on technology-enabled financial and business services sectors across North America and Europe. Their approach is comprehensive, investing across various stages from early-stage ventures through growth and buyout phases with two main investment programs: Motive Ventures for early-stage opportunities and Motive Capital for growth and buyout investments.

Global Presence

With a strong global presence marked by offices in New York City, London, and Berlin, Motive Partners boasts an extensive team of over 230 professionals. This international footprint enables them to tap into diverse markets and leverage cross-border insights.

Funding Achievements

To date, the firm has raised an impressive $5.8 billion across its investment programs as of September 30th, 2023. This substantial capital underscores their capacity to fuel innovation within their chosen sectors.

Portfolio Highlights

Motive Partners’ portfolio includes 44 investments that showcase their commitment to fostering growth within the tech-enabled financial services space. While specific insurtech startups are not highlighted in the available data, the firm’s broad interest in fintech suggests potential involvement in this dynamic industry segment.

Innovation Through Motive Create

A key differentiator for the firm is ‘Motive Create’, their innovation engine dedicated to unlocking value within portfolio companies. By leveraging proprietary expertise in financial technology, they aim to drive transformational change and accelerate growth for their partners.

Insights from Recent Activities

The company keeps stakeholders informed with regular updates on key developments such as strategic partnerships like the ABN collaboration announced on October 5th, 2023, or major acquisitions like acquiring a majority stake in With Intelligence reported on July 20th, 2023.

Commitment to Innovation

Motive Partners places high importance on staying at the forefront of technological advancements within finance. The appointment of Heather Bellini as an Industry Partner on July 11th reflects this commitment by bringing seasoned expertise into their operations.

The Future of Finance with Motive Partners

The firm continues to shape the future of finance through strategic investments and innovation-focused initiatives such as ‘Motive Insights’, which offers perspectives on finance and private equity trends.


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