Is Collateral Good Ventures Funding Vegan Startups? Find Out!


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Introduction to Collateral Good Ventures

Collateral Good Ventures is a climate-first venture capital platform with a clear mission to support and promote positive global impacts on planetary, human, and animal health. With a European set-up deeply connected to the market, they are known for their experienced team and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Investment Focus of Collateral Good Ventures

The firm operates with a vision that anticipates significant changes in our consumption patterns by 2050, driven by an increasing global population and the urgent need for sustainable solutions as highlighted by the United Nations and IPCC reports. Their investment thesis revolves around supporting industries like food, fashion, packaging, and construction through innovative developments in biology, chemistry, and science.

Sustainable Food Technologies at Collateral Good Ventures

Collateral Good Ventures has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainable food technologies through their Food Tech I fund. They back entrepreneurial teams working on science or technology-based solutions that improve the future of food while reducing our current planetary footprint. This fund is allocated globally with a bias towards Europe to leverage regional networks and active food-tech innovation climates.

Portfolio Companies Reflecting Sustainability Commitment

The portfolio of Collateral Good Ventures includes groundbreaking companies such as PulPac which offers low-cost fibre packaging alternatives to single-use plastics; Agrain which upcycles brewer’s spent grains; Done Properly and Sykell both focusing on bio-processed ingredients from fermentation technologies; showcasing their commitment to sustainability within various sectors.

Geographical Focus and Investment Stages

Their investments span across key markets including North America, Latin America, and Europe with preferred investment stages ranging from Seed to Series A (occasionally B & C). The fund is flexible with fast decision-making processes offering investment sizes from EUR 300k to over EUR 10 million.

Support Beyond Capital: Adding Value Through Partnerships

Beyond financial support, Collateral Good Ventures provides value through partnerships with industry leaders like Bimbo Corporation, HAVI, HUGO BOSS, and The Footprint Firm. These collaborations enable portfolio companies access to R&D expertise as well as commercial business units crucial for scaling up operations effectively.

Picture source: Edgar Castrejon

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