Fintech startup investor from Austria: Elevator Ventures Beteiligungs GmbH


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Introducing Elevator Ventures: Pioneering Fintech Innovation in Central and Eastern Europe

Elevator Ventures Beteiligungs GmbH stands at the forefront of financial technology (fintech) innovation, fostering a new wave of progress within the heart of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). As a Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) entity, affiliated with Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI), Elevator Ventures is not just an investor but a growth catalyst for early-stage and growth fintech companies. Specializing in investments that complement enabling technologies, this dynamic firm has its sights set on revolutionizing the fintech landscape.

Strategic Investment Focus

With a clear focus on late Seed to early Series B stages, Elevator Ventures offers ticket sizes of up to €3 million for emerging fintech startups. The potential for stake ownership can rise to 25%, making them not just investors but committed partners in growth. By targeting these critical phases in a startup’s development, Elevator Ventures ensures that it provides more than capital; it offers momentum.

The investment philosophy extends beyond mere financial support. Adhering to their “Smart Money” philosophy, they provide banking expertise and collaboration opportunities through RBI Group’s extensive network. Portfolio companies gain invaluable access to local market insights and may tap into RBI’s customer base that spans over 17 million individuals across 13 vibrant markets in CEE.

Impressive Portfolio and Collaborative Efforts

Elevator Ventures has curated an impressive portfolio that includes trailblazers like Agro.Club, FinCompare, kompany, Tarfin, Twisto, SESAMm, Bob W., Autenti, Vestr, goUrban byrd Elucidate Cloudcart among others. Each portfolio company reflects the fund’s commitment to excellence and strategic growth within the fintech sector.

In addition to direct investments, Elevator Ventures collaborates with Uniqa Ventures and Speedinvest through Fintech Growth Fund Europe (FGFE) for later-stage fintech investments. This synergy amplifies the impact of their collective efforts and further solidifies their stance as key players in the region’s financial innovation ecosystem.

Exclusive Insights with CEE Fintech Atlas

Understanding the dynamics of local markets is key to success in venture capital investment. To this end,Elevator Ventures offers “CEE Fintech Atlas,” providing exclusive analyses covering trends across 19 unique fintech ecosystems within CEE. This atlas serves as an invaluable resource for startups looking to navigate these emerging markets.

Elevator Lab: Partnering for Future Banking Solutions

Besides monetary investment,Elevator Ventures runs Elevator Lab – a premier partnership program aimed at discovering innovative solutions for future banking business models.Selected fintechs get an unparalleled opportunity to scale their ideas across the entire CEE region through this collaborative platform.

Headquartered in Vienna,Austria,Elevator Ventures is deeply integrated into RBI’s long-term strategy for innovation. They encourage budding entrepreneurs interested in partnership or investment opportunities to reach out via their company website.

Commitment Towards Responsible Investing

At its core,Elevator Ventures is committed to responsible investing principles.With an ESG Policy in place,the firm accounts for environmental,social,and governance factors throughout its investment decision-making process.This demonstrates a holistic approach toward building not just profitable, but sustainable businesses.

For those keen on staying informed about developments within Fintech in CEE or news pertaining to Elevator Ventures itself,the company provides a free quarterly newsletter subscription service.This ensures stakeholders are well-informed about both industry insights and corporate updates.

In conclusion,Elevator Ventures positions itself uniquely as more than just a funding source; it is an enabler of substantial growth within the dynamic markets of Central and Eastern Europe.By partnering with promising fintech startups,this Austria-based VC fund leverages its capital,knowledge,and expansive network advantages necessary for significant expansion,guiding firms towards achieving groundbreaking success at every turn.
Picture source: Scott Graham

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