List of 3 healthcare private equity funds from Norway [2023]

List of 3 healthcare private equity funds from Norway [2023]

This post is a direct result of the private equity investor database research we conducted. We built a list of private equity investors who use healthcare-related terms on their websites using our global database and our keyword crawler. This list, which is available in Microsoft Excel format, is an excellent resource for contacting the sector’s highest-profile investors.

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Norway has the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund and received return on investment of 1.58 Trillion Norwegian crowns in 2021. 8.6% of the whole fund is invested globally in the healthcare sector. In this article, we are introducing three interesting healthcare-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based healthcare private equity investors list.

1. Hercules Capital (Oslo)

Hercules is considered a leading Norwegian private equity firm and invests in Nordic, mainly Norwegian companies. Since 2004, the investment company established four funds concentrating on the areas of energy, industrial technology, services, consumer goods & retail, and healthcare & pharma. Oak Street Health, included in the healthcare & pharma fund, is a network of value-based primary care centers for adults on Medicare.

2. Norvestor (Oslo)

Norvestor, an Oslo-based private equity company, mainly invests in medium-sized companies recording revenues in the range of 20-300 Million €. The success of Norvestor relies on focusing on markets and sectors where the firm has its deepened experience and expertise. Already in 2005, Norvestor started to support Life Europe the nowadays Nordic leader in the market for health and wellness products. Norvestor withdrew in 2017 when Life Europe became the most well-known and established brand in this area.

3. Longship AS (Oslo)

Longship operates as a private equity firm with a focus on long-term investments, concentrating on small- to medium-sized Norwegian businesses. Longship co-invests with prior owners, management, or staff members and desires majority ownership stakes. Recently in 2023, the investment firm closed Longship Fund III. The third fund of the company aims to the sectors of healthcare, sustainability, technology & solutions, and quality of life.

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