List of healthcare private equity funds from the UK [2023]

List of healthcare private equity funds from the UK [2023]

Our global database and keyword crawler have allowed us to create a list of private equity investors who use healthcare-related terms in their web content. This list is available for easy download in Excel format and is a great way to get in touch with the most relevant investors in the software business.

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Investing in the healthcare sector thrives investors in a massive industry that’s been around for centuries.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting healthcare-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based healthcare private equity investors list.

1. SV Health Investors (London)

SV Health Investors is a London-based private equity firm, which mainly invests in aspiring healthcare ventures. As the name of the company suggests, their portfolio exclusively contains healthcare-related firms, not just in the UK, but all over the world. Recently in June 2023, SV Health Investors completed a partnership with Packaging Compliance Labs, a leading sterile packaging center, providing packaging solutions.

2. Kester Capital LLP (London)

Focusing on healthcare, Kester Capital is a UK leading private equity investor. The firm is building its success on a management board, that has worked together since 2002 profiting from accumulated 100+ years of investment experience. Lately, the investment firm completed an investment in GXP Engaged, which is considered a leading provider of Good Clinical/Pharmacovigilance Practice.

3. Duke Street LLP (London)

Duke Street LLP is a leading private equity firm based in London. The company is concentrating on investments in mid-market Western European companies. As the firm has its sectoral focus on healthcare, Duke Street has been holding for example Kent Pharmaceuticals since 2019 in its portfolio. Kent Pharmaceuticals manufactures and distributes specialty off-patent/generic pharmaceuticals and is considered a market leader with various niche products.


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