List of 3 hydrogen private equity funds from France [2023]

List of 3 hydrogen private equity funds from France [2023]

This article outlines our research findings for our worldwide private equity investors database. Our study entailed using our database and keyword crawler to identify private equity investors who mention hydrogen-related phrases on their websites. The comprehensive Excel list we compiled is an invaluable resource for connecting with the most relevant investors in the sector.

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The French hydrogen strategy has established three key priorities: the decarbonization of the industry with a target of carbon neutrality by 2050, the advancement of hydrogen mobility, and the strengthening of research capabilities in this area.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting hydrogen-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based hydrogen private equity investors list.

1. Swen Capital Partners (Paris)

Swen Capital Partners was established in 2014 as the private equity division of OFI Asset Management, based in Paris, France. It is an autonomous investment management company co-owned by the OFI and ARKEA groups. The investment company has achieved noteworthy progress in its investments in the hydrogen sector. For instance, Swen Capital Partners secured €150 million for its second fund aimed at supporting renewable gases, namely, SWIFT 2. This fund invests in methanization, renewable hydrogen, and green infrastructure like renewable heat networks and energy storage.

2. Ardian (Paris)

Ardian, once known as Axa Private Equity, is a leading private equity investment firm located in France. It was established in 1996 as the private equity branch of the AXA Group by Dominique Senequier. In 2013, it attained independence and was rebranded Ardian. In the hydrogen sector, Ardian has created a significant partnership with FiveT Hydrogen, an investment platform that enables clean hydrogen, through its infrastructure enterprise. Together, they launched Hy24 – a joint venture positioned as the largest global investment platform in clean hydrogen. Announced in 2021, the primary objective of this venture is to invest in clean hydrogen infrastructure.

3. Siparex (Paris)

Siparex is a prominent private equity firm located in Paris, committed to promoting the progress of businesses of diverse stages, ranging from startups to medium-sized enterprises. In accordance with its pledge to address societal and environmental concerns, Siparex has undertaken various ventures in the hydrogen industry. Notable investments in the hydrogen sector by Siparex include EODev, an innovator in the domain of energy generation that earns a special focus on the conventional diesel generator market. EODev provides clean and noiseless electric generators utilizing hydrogen fuel cells and offers a sustainable alternative to conventional generators with high carbon emissions.


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