List of 3 hydrogen private equity funds from the UK [2023]

List of 3 hydrogen private equity funds from the UK [2023]

This article presents our research findings for our global database of private equity investors. Our study involved utilizing our database and keyword crawler to identify private equity investors who refer to hydrogen-related terms on their websites. The compiled Excel list is extensive and comprehensive, providing a valuable resource for connecting with the most relevant investors in the industry.

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The UK government unveiled a scheme in 2021 to establish a hydrogen-based economy, with the objective of generating 5 gigawatts of low-emission hydrogen production capacity by 2030.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting hydrogen-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based hydrogen private equity investors list.

1. Actis (London)

Actis is a London-based investment firm that deals in various asset classes such as private equity, energy, infrastructure, and real estate. It was founded in 2004 and has recently expressed a strong interest in green hydrogen, which it sees as a vital part of the world’s move towards cleaner energy. The company has signed an agreement with the Egyptian government to work together on developing green hydrogen as a solution for decarbonization. This agreement showcases Actis’ history of supporting energy transitions in the Middle East and Africa region. Moreover, Actis’ aspiration to explore and invest in the rapidly expanding green hydrogen market in Egypt is evident with the agreement to establish a green hydrogen and ammonia development project. Egypt is emerging as a substantial player in the region.

2. Generation Investment Management LLP (London)

Generation Investment Management LLP, based in London, was established in 2004 by Al Gore, former US Vice President, and David Blood, former head of Goldman Sachs’ Asset Management. The company prioritizes sustainable investment options and incorporates environmental and social factors into its strategy. Generation Investment Management has made significant investments in the hydrogen sector through its subsidiary, H2 Green Steel. Based in Sweden, H2 Green Steel is an industrial start-up with the objective of decarbonizing the steel industry, which is one of the toughest industries to abate. The company intends to substitute coal used in steel production with green hydrogen fuelled by renewable electricity.

3. Helios Investment Partners (London)

Helios Investment Partners, an African private equity firm, actively participates in energy transition initiatives, with specific emphasis on the development of lower-carbon energy infrastructure. Helios places considerable importance on the development of gas and power infrastructure, which is crucial in replacing polluting liquid fuels with greener electricity. This encompasses the development of low-carbon fuel infrastructure, particularly featuring green hydrogen and ammonia. Helios has entered the energy sector through its major investment in Axxela, Nigeria’s largest private gas distributor. Helios divested a 25% stake in Axxela’s holding company to Sojitz Corporation while keeping a 75% stake.


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