Is 17Sigma Investing in AgTech Startups? Explore the Truth!


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17Sigma: A Pioneering Investor in Early Stage LatAm Startups

When it comes to identifying and supporting burgeoning talent within the startup ecosystem, few venture capital firms are as dedicated as 17Sigma. Known for their commitment to partnering with early-stage startups, 17Sigma has positioned itself as a key player in the Latin American market.

Investment Focus and Geographical Reach

17Sigma’s investment strategy is clear-cut: they focus on Pre-Seed and Seed funding rounds, providing essential capital to startups at critical stages of their development. Their portfolio spans across a diverse range of sectors including Agtech, Ecommerce/Marketplace, Fintech, Foodtech, Healthtech, Insurtech, SaaS (Software as a Service), and Web3 technologies.

Their geographical footprint is equally impressive. 17Sigma actively invests in companies headquartered across Latin America with a presence in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and even extending into emerging realms like the Metaverse.

Notable Portfolio Companies

In the realm of Agtech specifically—a sector that harnesses technology to optimize agricultural output—17Sigma has made strategic investments. One such example is an Agtech firm based in Brazil that benefits from 17Sigma’s expertise and resources. This demonstrates the firm’s belief in the potential of technology-driven agriculture within the region.

Beyond Agtech, their portfolio showcases a breadth of innovation with investments in Brazilian Foodtech and SaaS companies; Fintech firms from Argentina, Mexico and Brazil; Healthtech and Insurtech ventures in Colombia; Ecommerce platforms from Brazil; and groundbreaking Web3 initiatives across Argentina and the Metaverse landscape.

The Team Behind 17Sigma

The success of 17Sigma can be attributed not only to its strategic investments but also to its dynamic team. The group is led by Managing Partner Bianca Sassoon alongside Founder Pierpaolo Barbieri. Supporting them are Principal Luke Mohadeb; Senior Associate Francisco Cappelletti; Associates Lucas Santos and Lucila Alami; Office Admin Manuel Franck; MBA Fellows Juan Bautista Baistrocchi and Manuel Franck.

This team works closely with entrepreneurs ensuring that they not only provide financial support but also share their wealth of knowledge to foster growth and innovation within their portfolio companies.

Connecting With 17Sigma

For startups looking to make an impact within the Latin American market or investors seeking opportunities within this vibrant ecosystem, getting in touch with 17Sigma could be a game-changing move. Their open invitation for contact underscores their approachability and eagerness to explore new partnerships that align with their vision for transformative results through exceptional talent.

A Bright Future Ahead

The trajectory of 17Sigma suggests a bright future for both the firm itself and its partner startups. With a keen eye for potential across various high-growth sectors—and an inclusive approach spanning multiple countries—this venture capital firm stands out as an influential force shaping the future of tech entrepreneurship in Latin America.

Picture source: Shridhar Gupta

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