Is Global Cleantech Capital Fueling Green Startups? A Deep Dive


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Introduction to Global Cleantech Capital

Global Cleantech Capital (GCC) is a prominent growth-stage venture capital firm with a strategic focus on scaling exceptional companies into new market leaders. Based in the Netherlands, GCC has a rich history of investing in the clean energy, mobility, smart cities, and fintech sectors. With over two decades of experience, GCC’s founding partners have managed four successive funds dedicated to the clean energy sector.

Investment Philosophy and Strategy

GCC stands out as an active investor that not only provides growth capital but also supports entrepreneurs who demonstrate the ability to ‘pivot to value’ when building market leaders in their respective sectors. The firm invests primarily in Europe and the US, leveraging its deep commercial, finance, and renewable networks to help portfolio companies scale effectively.

Driving Climate Transition Through Investments

The commitment of GCC towards accelerating the climate transition is evident through its investments in growth companies leveraging new technology and business models. These investments target the highest emitting sectors such as energy, mobility, cities, and also include fintech solutions that incentivize energy transitions. By focusing on these areas, GCC aims to contribute significantly towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2050—a goal that requires rapid transitions across all sectors with an estimated annual investment of $1-2 trillion.

Geographical Focus and Office Location

GCC’s geographical focus primarily spans across Europe and the United States. With its headquarters located at Herengracht 338 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, GCC operates from a central position within Europe’s vibrant cleantech ecosystem.

Portfolio Companies

The current portfolio of GCC includes a diverse range of innovative startups such as Nacero for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), Sustain.Life offering sustainability software for businesses, Klimato specializing in carbon management software for the food industry, Crowdz—an SME finance marketplace integrating ESG risk scoring—and many others. Each company within GCC’s portfolio applies new technologies to make significant impacts on reducing carbon emissions while fostering sustainable economic growth.

Past Investments and Select Exits

GCC has an impressive track record with past investments including Origis Energy—a US-based solar power developer—and Pirelli Solar Utility which was acquired by Pirelli Holding. Other notable exits are G3 Energy acquired by Babcock & Brown and Renewable Energy Trust specializing in finance for renewable power projects.

Commitment to Sustainability and Responsibility

A signatory of UN Principles for Responsible Investing (UNPRI), GCC integrates Environmental Social Governance (ESG) aspects into their investment selection process. This approach is rooted in their belief that companies which use ESG as a tool for value creation will yield more robust returns while establishing more sustainable businesses.

Contacting Global Cleantech Capital

To learn more about Global Cleantech Capital or explore potential collaborations or investments opportunities with them, visit their website. They offer updates on press releases and portfolio company developments for those interested in staying informed about their latest activities.


In conclusion, Global Cleantech Capital plays a pivotal role in driving forward clean technologies through strategic investments that align with global sustainability goals. Their focused approach on high-impact sectors combined with extensive industry expertise positions them as key players within the cleantech investment landscape.

Picture source: Austin Distel

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