Capricorn Partners & Clean Tech: Do They Invest in Eco Startups?


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Capricorn Partners: A Leader in Clean Technology Investments

Capricorn Partners is renowned for its strategic investments in innovative companies that leverage technology to gain a competitive edge. With a strong emphasis on positive global impact, Capricorn Partners has established itself as a significant player in the realm of venture capital, growth capital, and quoted equity funds. Among their diverse investment portfolio, one area where they have shown particular interest is clean technologies.

The Capricorn Cleantech Fund

The Capricorn Cleantech Fund stands out as a prime example of the firm’s commitment to advancing green chemistry, the circular economy, and carbon-neutrality. Through this fund, Capricorn Partners focuses on companies specializing in clean technology—sustainable innovations that minimize ecological impact while optimizing the use of natural resources. The fund’s strategy encompasses various industries with an overarching goal of supporting sustainable and circular value chains from renewable raw materials to manufacturing processes within sectors like chemicals, materials, food, and feed.

Investments That Shape the Future

Capricorn Partners’ investments reflect their dedication to environmental sustainability and technological innovation. For instance, companies like Qpinch are revolutionizing industrial energy recovery from waste heat. Another portfolio company, Zeopore Technologies, is transforming zeolite catalyst performance to enhance chemical processes’ efficiency. VOID Technologies also exemplifies Capricorn’s investment ethos by reducing raw material usage in polymer films.

Geographical Focus and Diversification

While primarily focused on Europe for investment opportunities, Capricorn Partners does not limit its reach; their Fusion fund specifically targets opportunities with a China-strategy link. This geographical diversification ensures that they tap into a broad spectrum of innovation across different markets.

A Glimpse into Capricorn’s Portfolio Successes

A look at Capricorn Partners’ portfolio reveals successful exits such as c-Lecta—a testament to their ability to identify and nurture high-potential startups until they reach maturity and profitability stages.

The Team Behind the Investments

The management team at Capricorn Cleantech comprises experts with finance, technology, and industry expertise who provide much more than just funding—they offer insights derived from deep technological know-how combined with financial acumen.

Commitment to ESG Principles

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) principles are deeply ingrained in the fabric of Capricorn Partners’ operations. They actively integrate ESG considerations throughout their investment process—from deal sourcing to active portfolio management—ensuring that each investment aligns with broader sustainability goals.

Looking Ahead: Clean Technologies and Beyond

As we move forward into an era where clean technologies play an increasingly critical role in addressing global challenges such as climate change and resource scarcity, firms like Capricorn Partners will likely continue to be at the forefront of this transformative industry. Their strategic focus on cleantech startups not only drives substantial environmental benefits but also offers competitive returns—a win-win scenario for investors and the planet alike.

In conclusion, it is evident that Capricorn Partners has firmly positioned itself within the clean technologies landscape through strategic investments aimed at fostering innovation while promoting sustainability. With a diversified portfolio that spans several sectors—including digital health alongside cleantech—and an experienced team adept at scaling businesses internationally, they are well-equipped to support startups poised for global market success.


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