Unlocking Green Ventures: Does Global Cleantech Capital Invest in Eco-Startups?


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Introduction to Global Cleantech Capital

Global Cleantech Capital (GCC) is a growth-stage venture capital firm that stands at the forefront of the climate transition, providing essential growth capital to startups and entrepreneurs who are paving the way for a sustainable future. With its headquarters nestled in Amsterdam, Netherlands, GCC has carved out a niche as an influential player in the clean technology investment landscape.

Investment Philosophy and Focus

GCC’s investment strategy is clear-cut: they target companies that are building new market leaders within clean energy, mobility, cities, and fintech sectors. These are areas with significant carbon footprints and where innovation can lead to substantial environmental impact. By focusing on late venture and early growth stages, GCC scales high-growth companies that contribute to clean energy and decarbonization efforts.

The firm’s portfolio reflects a diverse array of technologies and services designed to address some of the highest emitting sectors. From sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) provided by Nacero to sustainability software platforms like Sustain.Life and Klimato, GCC backs solutions that have the potential to revolutionize how we approach energy consumption, urban mobility, and financial incentives for green initiatives.

Geographical Reach and Impact

While based in Amsterdam, Global Cleantech Capital’s influence extends primarily across Europe and the United States. This transatlantic reach enables them to leverage deep commercial ties, finance expertise, and renewable networks to assist their portfolio companies in scaling operations effectively.

A Look at GCC’s Current Portfolio

GCC boasts an impressive portfolio that showcases its commitment to fostering innovation across various sectors:

Nacero: Pioneering in producing sustainable aviation fuel from renewable natural gas.
Sustain.Life: Offering comprehensive sustainability software suitable for businesses of all sizes.
Klimato: Specializing in carbon management software for the food industry.
Crowdz: An SME finance marketplace integrating risk scoring inclusive of ESG factors.
Verde Clean Fuels: Producing renewable gasoline from waste feedstocks.
Battolyser Systems: Developing the world’s first integrated battery electrolyzer system.
Railsr: Providing an open banking platform enabling companies to embed financial services seamlessly.
Coolset: Delivering an automated decarbonization platform specifically designed for SMEs.

Each company within GCC’s portfolio applies innovative technologies aimed at reducing emissions while creating value within their respective markets.

Commitment to Sustainability

In line with their mission-driven investment approach, GCC is not just about financial returns; they also emphasize responsibility towards environmental sustainability. The firm has been investing in sectors advancing sustainability over two decades. As signatories of UN Principles for Responsible Investing (UNPRI), they integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations into their investment selection process.

The Team Behind Global Cleantech Capital

The team at GCC comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in private equity within cleantech sectors. Driven by CEO & Partner Dr. Paul Kloppenborg alongside partners Christie Franchi, Jan van Veldhoven, Praveen Emmanuel, Joris Vos, and supported by Office Manager Caroline Roberts—the team brings together a wealth of knowledge from previous leadership roles across business development, investment planning, legal expertise in private equity tax matters as well as operational support.


Global Cleantech Capital exemplifies how focused investments can drive meaningful change towards a greener economy. Through strategic funding rounds such as those experienced by Railsr or Battolyser Systems—both securing considerable funds from reputable institutions—it is evident that GCC plays a pivotal role in nurturing startups poised for impactful contributions toward climate transition goals globally.


Picture source: Austin Distel

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