Is Yield Lab Europe Funding AgTech Startups? An In-Depth Look


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Investigating Yield Lab Europe’s Role in Agtech Startups

Yield Lab Europe: Catalyzing Agtech Innovation

As a beacon for sustainable agriculture and food technology innovation, Yield Lab Europe stands out as the leading funder of early-stage Agri Food-Tech companies. With an unwavering commitment to revolutionizing agriculture and food systems, their mission is to sustainably feed the world while supporting startups that bring pioneering solutions to the industry.

A Diverse Portfolio Promoting Sustainable Growth

With a robust portfolio of 22 dynamic companies under its wing, Yield Lab Europe has made significant strides in sectors such as Genetics, Crop Protection & Animal Welfare; Big Data & Precision Farming; Bioenergy, Biomaterials & Other Renewables; Innovative Food & Beverages; and Novel Farming Systems. Notable investments include companies like CE-Line and Bioceanor that are innovating in Novel Farming Systems and Genetics respectively. Others like Insylo are at the forefront of Big Data & Precision Farming—a testament to Yield Lab’s diverse investment focus.

Empowering European Agtech Startups

The geographical reach of Yield Lab Europe extends across the European region where it actively seeks startups with the potential to scale internationally. This mandate has led them to invest in a variety of ventures from different countries, each with unique solutions tailored to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability.

Fueling Progress with Strategic Investments

Understanding that capital is just one piece of the puzzle, Yield Lab Europe provides more than just funding—it offers access to a global network of experts, corporates, and investors. With venture capital funding ranging from €100k to €2m per company in the pre-seed to Series A range and €55 million funds under management, they are well-equipped to propel startups forward.

Testimonials Reflecting Impactful Partnerships

Clients like Shireen Davies from SOLASTA Bio highlight how Yield Lab’s support goes beyond investment—offering continuous support and sector expertise critical for growth. Similarly, Robert Fryers from Spotta Smart Pest Monitoring emphasizes their expertise in supporting tech-based agricultural businesses.

A Local Presence with Global Connections

Headquartered at 5 Ely Place Upper in Dublin 2, Ireland, Yield Lab Europe maintains a strong local presence while fostering connections on a global scale through its international network.

Join Forces with an Industry Leader

If you’re spearheading an agtech startup seeking partnership opportunities or investment support, visit Yield Lab Europe’s website to learn more about their application process and how they can help your project grow.


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