Is QBIC Fund Backing Immunology Startups? Explore the Investment Trend


We wrote this article while researching for our list of the 100 largest immunology startup focused venture capital funds. The list can be downloaded with a few clicks and includes the most relevant investors for immunology startups. We identified the included funds based on our sophisticated crawler technology and manual research.

Introduction to Qbic Venture Partners

Qbic Venture Partners is a prominent inter-university venture capital fund based in St-Denijs-Westrem, Belgium. With a strategic focus on transforming technological breakthroughs into sustainable businesses, Qbic has made significant strides in the investment landscape. Their portfolio showcases an impressive array of startups across various sectors including HealthTech, Biotech, Deeptech, and Software.

Qbic’s Investment in Immunology Startups

Delving into the realm of immunology startups, Qbic’s commitment to HealthTech and Biotech sectors is evident through their investments. Notable examples from their portfolio include Obulytix, which is pioneering the next generation of enzyme-based antibiotics inspired by nature; Axithra, focusing on developing new technology for accurate drug concentrations in blood; and Animab, which develops antibodies to tackle gastrointestinal pathogens in livestock.

The Geographical Focus of Qbic Investments

The geographical focus of Qbic’s investments primarily centers around Belgium, with close ties to Belgian universities such as Ghent University, VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), University of Antwerp, University of Liège, and University of Hasselt. These partnerships facilitate the growth and development of startups that emerge from these prestigious institutions.

Specific Portfolio Companies with Impact in Immunology

In addition to the aforementioned companies like Obulytix and Animab that have direct implications in immunology and healthcare advancements, Qbic also invests in startups such as THERAtRAME, which focuses on developing therapeutics targeting tRNA epitranscriptomics in cancer. Another noteworthy investment is Indigo, which is revolutionizing diabetes management with an implantable sensor for continuous metabolite monitoring.

The Investment Strategy and Focus of Qbic Fund

Qbic follows a clear investment strategy targeting seed and early-stage ventures that valorize research from their knowledge partners. They participate actively from the first external investment round and continue supporting these companies throughout their growth journey. For more information about their approach to fostering innovation within startups linked to knowledge partners or university spin-offs, visit Qbic’s official website.

The Impactful Reach of Qbic’s Portfolio Companies

The impact generated by Qbic’s investments extends beyond financial returns. The fund proudly supports companies whose success translates into positive global effects. This includes contributing to over 12 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), creating jobs, advancing gender equality with female CEOs at the helm of several portfolio companies, and potentially benefiting over 500 million patients worldwide.

The Team Behind Qbic’s Successes

The team at Qbic Venture Partners comprises seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds ranging from venture capital expertise to deep scientific knowledge. Figures like Sofie Baeten with her extensive track record in venture capital or Steven Leuridan who blends engineering prowess with financial acumen are part of the dynamic team driving forward innovation and success within their portfolio companies.

Contacting Qbic for Potential Collaborations or Inquiries

If you’re interested in learning more about potential collaborations or have inquiries regarding investments or partnerships with Qbic Venture Partners, you can reach out via email at or connect through LinkedIn. Their office located at Soenenspark 56 provides a hub for nurturing startup growth within Belgium’s vibrant ecosystem.

In conclusion, it is clear that while not exclusively focused on immunology startups per se, many companies within the extensive portfolio of Qbic are indeed making significant contributions to this field through innovative approaches in HealthTech and Biotech sectors.

Picture source: Shridhar Gupta

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