List of 3 large Cleantech Venture Capital investors in Europe [2022]

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This article directly stems from the research process for our global venture capital investors database. Based on this list and our advanced keyword crawler technology, we created a list of venture capital investors that mention cleantech-related keywords on their website. The list – offered as an Excel file – is perfectly suited to get in touch with the most relevant investors in the field.

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This article offers an insight into three interesting startup investors in Europe from our keyword crawler based global cleantech VC fund list.

1. Übermorgen (Switzerland)

Übermorgen is the German term for the day after tomorrow, which is what this VC company is working towards by supporting early-stage startups in the climate tech industry. Specifically, they are backing firms in sustainable agriculture and food tech, clean energy and power, mobility, and resource efficiency. A portfolio company is Sunvigo, who help residential homeowners build solar systems.

2. Demeter (France)

Demeter is a VC firm that supports innovative startups and small businesses in the cleantech sector. Overall, the team consists of 38 people who have enabled 200 investments in 17 years. Two examples of portfolio companies are BeFC, who are working on a sustainable alternative to lithium-ion batteries, and Lactips, who develop biodegradable plastic products from milk protein.

3. Global Cleantech Capital (Netherlands)

Global Cleantech Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in clean energy, mobility, cities, and fintech. They focus on late venture and early growth investments. They invested in Nacero in 2021. Nacero is a company that develops lower-carbon gasoline that is derived from natural and renewable gas.

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