List of 3 large Fintech Venture Capital investors in the U.S. [2022]

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This article directly stems from the research process for our global venture capital investors database. Based on this list and our advanced keyword crawler technology, we created a list of venture capital investors that mention fintech-related keywords on their website. The list – offered as an Excel file – is perfectly suited to get in touch with the most relevant investors in the field.

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This article offers an insight into three interesting startup investors in the United States from our keyword crawler based global fintech venture capital list.

1. Jump Capital (Chicago)

Jump Capital is a thesis-driven venture capital firm that backs tech companies with capital and experience. They usually invest $1-10M in the first round and focus on fintech, IT and data infrastructure, media, and b2b SaaS. Eventus Systems is part of their portfolio. They are a trade surveillance and market risk platform available as a cloud-based or real-time solution. Another portfolio company is TRM, who developed solutions for need of financial institutions.

2. FINTOP Capital (Nashville)

FINTOP Capital aims to invest in companies that are innovative and want to shape the way financial institutions work. The company has over $700M in capital across five funds. One of their portfolio companies is Plooto. Plooto is an automation software that enables people to manage their business payments quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

3. Edison Partners (Princeton)

Edison Partners is a VC firm that focuses on technology-based innovations in healthcare, IT, enterprise software, and fintech. GoHenry is one of their portfolio companies who focus on financial education for children. They offer debit cards and an app that helps children learn about money, budgeting, spending, and investing.

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