List of 3 eCommerce Venture Capital investors in Europe [2022]

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This article directly stems from the research process for our global venture capital investors database. Based on this list and our advanced keyword crawler technology, we created a list of venture capital investors that mention eCommerce-related keywords on their website. The list – offered as an Excel file – is perfectly suited to get in touch with the most relevant investors in the field.

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This article offers an insight into three interesting startup investors in Europe from our keyword crawler based global eCommerce Venture Capital investor list.

1. Crossventures (Germany)

Crossventures is a VC based in Cologne who focus on investments in digital business models. The company has been building and investing in companies for 15 years and is continuously looking for new investments and ideas. One of their portfolio companies is, an online garden centre.

2. Spring Invest (France)

Spring Invest is a venture capital fund that provides seed and series A startups with capital from €500k to €3M. The company also offers honest guidance, sales acceleration, and operational support. Their investments include SaaS, consumer brands, social commerce, payment options, infra tools, and marketing and ad solutions. One of their portfolio companies is DataHawk, who have developed a data analytics platform that can be used for omnichannel ecommerce.

3. Impulse Ventures (Czech Republic)

Impulse Ventures is a fund that mainly invests in companies in Central and Eastern European countries. The VC firm offers investments between $500K and $2M in the seed stage. Follow-ons are also possible. They, furthermore, commit to staying in the investment for at least 5 years to enable a stable foundation and maximize the value. Impulse Ventures focuses on ecommerce, SaaS, tech, and cybersecurity. Shoptet is one of their portfolio companies and also the largest ecommerce platform in Central Europe.

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