List of 3 HealthTech Venture Capital investors in Europe [2022]

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This article directly stems from the research process for our global venture capital investors database. Based on this list and our advanced keyword crawler technology, we created a list of venture capital investors that mention healthtech-related keywords on their website. The list – offered as an Excel file – is perfectly suited to get in touch with the most relevant investors in the field.

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This article offers an insight into three interesting startup investors in Europe from our keyword crawler based global healthtech VC investor list.

1. MedTech Innovation Partners (Switzerland)

MedTech Innovation Partners (MTIP) is a Swiss healthtech capital investor that stands out through deep sector expertise. They have a track record of upscaling successful and sustainable companies. Mediktor is one of them. The business has developed an AI based medical assistant for triage, pre-diagnosis, and decision-making support.

2. Kilo Health (Lithuania)

Kilo Health is a VC firm with a fast-growing team that is interested in healthcare and digital health applications to support patients and medical staff. They have over 4 million customers worldwide. A company they have backed is Revolab, a remote blood testing platform that can give health insights using blood data.

3. Kurma Partners (France)

Kurma Partners is a venture capital fund that supports early-stage and later-stage projects in various sectors. They have 7 funds that are dedicated to specific themes, for example life science, special illnesses, and digital health. One of them is Bioserenity, an end-to-end software that can be used in sleep lab management. The software features scheduling for in-lab studies as well as office visits.

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