List of 3 Immunology Venture Capital investors in the U.S. [2022]

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This article directly stems from the research process for our global venture capital investors database. Based on this list and our advanced keyword crawler technology, we created a list of venture capital investors that mention immunology-related keywords on their website. The list – offered as an Excel file – is perfectly suited to get in touch with the most relevant investors in the field.

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This article highlights three significant immunology venture capital investment funds in the United States from our keyword crawler generated immunology VC investor list.

1. 20/20 Healthcare Partners (Auburndale)

20/20 Healthacre Partners is a global investment group that is interested in funding early-stage technology and life science innovations. They are involed in the fields of diagnostic imaging, medical devices, healthcare IT, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals to improve healthcare and patient outcomes. The company typically focuses on shorter investment periods of two to three years. A promising portfolio company is Verseau Therapeutics, a company that creates therapeutics and treatments to help patients with cancer, immune and inflammatory diseases.

2. 8VC (San Francisco)

8VC was founded in 2015 and aims to partner with founders to build technologies that improve the economy as well as society. The investors draw back on their own expertise in the field and want to share their knowledge with other entrepreneurs. The company funds different businesses in various sectors, such as the logistics sector, IT infrastructure, government and defence, as well as life science and healthcare. A portfolio company focused on immunology is Orca Bio, who develop cell therapy products that should swap patients’ blood and immune system with a healthy replacement.

3. Apollo Health Ventures (Boston)

Apollo Health Ventures is based in Boston and Berlin. The company targets innovations that can prevent or reverse age-related diseases and prolong a healthy human lifespan. An interesting company they invested in is Aeovian Pharmaceuticals. They are based in San Francisco and are at the research and development stage to find new selective therapeutics that modulate the mTORC1 pathway.

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