List of 3 large pension funds in Zuerich [2022]

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This article directly stems from the research process for our Swiss pension fund database. The list – offered as an Excel file – is perfectly suited to get in touch with the most relevant pension funds in Switzerland.

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This article introduces you to three important pension funds in Zuerich that were picked from our researched list targeting the largest pension schemes in Switzerland.

1. Pensionskasse Stadt Zuerich

The Pensionskasse Stadt Zuerich is a pension fund that provides retirement benefits to employees of the City of Zurich. It is a public pension fund, managed by the City of Zurich, and is one of the largest pension funds in Switzerland. The fund currently has around 19,35B CHF in assets. They offer a range of retirement benefits, including a basic pension, a supplementary pension, a disability pension, and a survivor’s pension. Additionally, the pension scheme is managed by a board of trustees, and is subject to the supervision of the Swiss Federal Pension Supervisory Authority.

2. BVK

The Swiss pension fund BVK is the biggest pension fund in Switzerland. They aim to offer flexible and innovative solutions for their members and the employers. The BVK is the pension fund for people who are employed in the health, education, and administration sectors in Switzerland. This makes up around 60 % of the insured members. The remaining 40 % are employees of the city of Zurich.

3. UGZ

The UGZ is a semi-autonomous pension fund that provides occupational benefits on a defined contribution basis. The investments are placed directly by the banking institutions and the risks of disability or death are insured by a life insurance company. They offer a range of benefits, including a flexible contribution payment, an attractive return and a wide range of investment options. In addition, the UGZ pension scheme provides their members with advice and assistance with retirement planning.

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