List of 3 important seed venture capital investors from France [2024]

List of 3 important seed venture capital investors from France [2024]

The following article was created to aid in the research for our list of the largest venture capital investors from France. It includes email addresses, investment focus, country information, corporate venture capital information, and investment focus.

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France has a vibrant and diverse venture capital landscape, especially for seed-stage investments. Several notable VC firms in France are active in this segment, each with unique strengths and focus areas. In this article, we are introducing three interesting seed venture capital investors from France, based on our list of the largest venture venture capital investors (global).

1. Sodexo Ventures

Sodexo Venture is a French venture capital firm that was founded in 1966. The company invests in several fields, including Fintech, Food and Beverage, Marketing and Advertising, Telecommunications, Consumer Services (B2C), and Financial Services. Sodexo Venture typically invests in seed and Series A stages. Sodexo Ventures has made notable investments in companies such as isahit, EAT Club, LifeDojo, Wynd, and, showcasing a diverse portfolio in various industries including Artificial Intelligence, Food Delivery, Health Care, E-Commerce, and EdTech.

2. NextStage

NextStage, a French venture capital firm, focuses on investing in medium-sized and innovative companies. NextStage AM provides the expertise and stability that supports NextStage. NextStage AM is a French pioneer in Development Capital. Since 2002, they have been supporting growth entrepreneurs with their multi-strategy Capital-Investment platform. They manage nearly €8 billion in assets, collected directly and indirectly from institutional and individual investors as of September 2023.

3. Cathay Capital Private Equity

Aster, a France-based venture capital firm, focuses its investments on Climate Tech companies operating in industries that are difficult to decarbonize. With over two decades of experience, Aster has developed expertise in sectors such as energy, logistics, mobility, manufacturing, building, chemicals, and agriculture. Aster has made several notable investments. In 2017, they invested in ekWateur, a collaborative energy supplier in France, and participated in the fundraising for Habiteo, a French startup providing 3D visualization tools for real estate developers.

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