List of 3 important seed venture capital investors from the US [2024]

List of 3 important seed venture capital investors from the US [2024]

The following article was created to aid in the research for our list of the largest venture capital investors from the US. It includes email addresses, investment focus, country information, corporate venture capital information, and investment focus.

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Seed venture capital investors in the United States play a crucial role in the startup ecosystem by providing funding to early-stage companies.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting seed venture capital investors from the US, based on our list of the largest venture venture capital investors (global).

1. Takeda Ventures (San Diego)

Based in San Diego, California, Takeda Ventures, Inc. is the corporate venture capital group of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited. The investment firm typically invests in early-stage opportunities aligned with Takeda’s research and development pipeline. This results in a focus on oncology, gastroenterology, neuroscience, and rare diseases. In addition to partnering with companies, Takeda Ventures also works with academic innovators/academic institutions such as universities that are actively involved in creating new technologies, methods, or knowledge.

2. Cultivian Sandbox Ventures (Chicago)

Cultivian Sandbox Ventures is a venture capital firm based in Chicago that invests in food and agriculture technology. The company actively participates in setting company strategy, recruiting key executives, and raising additional capital, taking into account factors such as sustainability pressures, globalization, and food safety. Cultivian Sandbox Ventures was founded in 2008 and has since raised several significant funds across multiple rounds. Their third fund raised $135 million and focuses on technologies that advance crop production, animal health, protein production, food safety, traceability, novel ingredients, and water use efficiency.

3. TEDCO Maryland Venture Fund (Maryland)

TEDCO Maryland Venture Fund is a major player in Maryland’s venture capital landscape. It operates as a perpetual fund, focused on supporting and growing the upcoming cohort of noteworthy startups in the region. TEDCO’s Venture Funds are sector-agnostic, meaning they invest in ventures across all industries. They focus on backing exciting opportunities, regardless of the sector. TEDCO’s Venture Funds have a significant impact on the Maryland business ecosystem with over $110 million in assets under management. The fund invests in early-stage companies, including those that are pre-product or pre-launch provided they present sufficiently exciting opportunities and are led by seasoned entrepreneurs.

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