List of 3 software private equity funds from Sweden [2023]

List of 3 software private equity funds from Sweden [2023]

We have created a catalog of private equity investors who integrate software-related keywords into their websites by using our global database and keyword crawler. This compilation, conveniently accessible in Excel format, serves as a valuable tool for engaging with the most relevant investors in the software industry.

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Over 1000 Swedish companies have received private equity capital in the last ten years, amounting to about 15 Billion €.
In this article, we are introducing three interesting software-focused private equity funds from our keyword crawler-based software private equity investors list.

1. EQT Partners (Stockholm)

EQT Partners is a Swedish investment firm. Since 1994, EQT has invested in various sectors such as FinTech, consumer goods, software/technology, etc. The importance the software/technology sector has for the investment firm is reflected in the amount of investments.
Acumatica, to mention one of their investments in the software sector, is a fast-growing software as a service company from the US. Acumatica operates in an attractive and sizable market that offers significant growth potential, driven by on-premises to cloud migration.

2. Summa Equity (Stockholm)

The private equity firm Summa Equity, based in the Swedish capital Stockholm, was founded in 2016. During this period, Summa Equity built up assets under management worth 5 Billion €. Summa Equity II, one of the three funds Summa is managing, is concentrated on resource efficiency, changing demographics, and tech-enabled transformation. In 2019, the firm acquired Infobric to its fund, a construction software company whose goal is to enable a safe, resource-efficient, and sustainable construction industry.

3. Altor (Stockholm)

The Swedish private equity company Altor grows, thanks to their nordic roots, in the European leading tech hotspot. Particularly by focusing on proven, profitable business models in software-based companies, Altor has a small share in the success of the Nordic tech scene. Companies like Meltwater, QNTM, and Rillion are included in the portfolio of Altor.

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