Exploring PenTech’s Investment in SaaS Startups: An In-depth Analysis


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About Pentech

Pentech is an experienced Venture Capital investor focusing on seed- and early-stage funding for software companies. They are committed to partnering with exceptional founders to help build globally successful software companies. From the first institutional capital to exit, they support businesses in proving and developing all aspects of their operations.

Pentech’s Investment Focus

Pentech invests in disruptive software companies, particularly those at the seed and early stages. Their portfolio includes a diverse range of companies from various sectors, indicating a broad investment focus that encompasses Software as a Service (SaaS) startups.

Geographical Focus

Based in the UK, Pentech has offices in Edinburgh and London. However, their geographical focus extends beyond these locations as they have partnered with leading VCs, corporations and investment banks internationally to help develop startups into global companies.

Past Investments

Pentech has a rich history of investing in successful software companies. Some notable past investments include Acunu which was sold to Apple, Applied Generics sold to TomTom, and Fanduel sold to Flutter Entertainment among others.

Current Investments

Their current investments further illustrate their focus on innovative software solutions. For instance, Outplay Entertainment, the largest independent mobile game studio in the UK; TravelNest, an advertising optimisation platform for holiday rental owners; Lifebit, building the world’s first genomics cognitive platform; nPlan which applies machine learning to understand construction project planning; Monolith that developed a machine learning platform for complex engineering design; PrimaryBid which provides infrastructure for public equity issuance markets; and Stacker that allows non-developers to build applications without code.

Investment Successes

Pentech’s success as a Venture Capital investor is evident in their track record. They have made 39 investments, had 20 successful exits and raised $1,280m in capital. Additionally, they have helped create over 2,334 jobs.


In conclusion, based on their investment history and current portfolio, it can be inferred that Pentech does invest in Software as a Service startups among other software companies. Their broad investment focus allows them to support a wide range of innovative software solutions from seed to exit stage.

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